How to Reveal the Floor Plan for each design.

There are several reasons why even if the instruction is very clear on how to reveal or uncover the floor plan for a certain design. Below is the procedure:

1. If you have not shared the design before, this is what you will see. The floor plan is not displayed yet.

2. Now, you have to make sure you are sign in to Facebook, Tweeter, Google+ ….etc so you will not encounter problem.

3. Just click on any of the buttons shown, if you are sign in to Facebook then you click the FB Share or Like button, if you are sign in to Google then you click G+ Share or +1 buttons and so on.


3. SOMETIMES ONE CLICK IS NOT ENOUGH, SO IF IT DOES NOT REVEAL THE PLAN ON THE FIRST CLICK, DO AT LEAST ANOTHER CLICK. You should see in your status in Facebook that you have shared or liked the design, this is the indication that you did it successfully, otherwise just contact the designer so he can send the floor plan via email.

4. If you want to save the floor plan for your future reference, just right click the image and click “Save as” to your desktop drive or any convenient drive you want to save the file.