10 Awesome In-Ground Pools To Spice Up Your Backyard

These amazing in-ground pools are not only for design and landscaping purposes: they are also for relaxation, too. [Image Credit: Home Epiphany] Tags: , ,
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You do not need to wait for the summer to enjoy swimming in the pool if you have one in your home. Some people enjoy heading out to in-ground pools for a nice swim to keep them cool and to splash around. If you have not made the jump to the in-ground pool for your home yet, you might be thinking what style of pool you should go for.

If you are thinking already of making an in-ground pool for your home, here are some of the most amazing in-ground pools. In this list, you can see pools that look perfectly natural, and there are also others that have modern designs.

Put your swim trunks and bathing suits on as we take a look at the ten awesome in-ground pools that will surely inspire you to install one in your backyard.


This in-ground pool is enclosed in a glass structure and can be enjoyed all year round.


Hot Tub

The center of attraction of this pool is the naturally enclosed hot tub on the left.


Light Everything Up

LED lights that are lined at the bottom of this pool makes it an extraordinary in-ground pool.


Simplicity is Beauty

Sometimes, simplicity works better if you are looking to add an in-ground pool at your backyard for your children to enjoy.


All Natural

If you want to preserve the natural beauty of your backyard, go for an in-ground pool that blends in with the surrounding like this all natural pool.



You can also use wood decks even with your in-ground pool. Using wood can make it easier on your feet and knees to move around. Plus, it is less slippery and safe for your kids.



If you are going all-in with your new pool, you can have a waterfall-shrouded grotto with LED lights that will surely catch everyone’s eyes.


Infinity Pool

Infinity pools are not just for expensive hotels. With the right design and the right size, you can have one in your backyard, too.


Resort at Your Home

Add a covered seating area on the side of the pool, and it will look like something you can only see at a world-class resort.



If you have a big and flat backyard, you can go all0in and put together an amazing in-ground pool like this, complete with a mini cave and waterfalls.


Putting up an in-ground pool at the comforts of your home is surely a good idea. It can put a fun element to your backyard plus it can also be a perfect weekend family activity that you can enjoy.

Other than an in-ground pool, what do you want to add in your backyard?

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