2 Storey House Modern with 3 Bedrooms

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Simple in design, this house has 3 bedrooms and 2 toilet and bath. The large windows and the clear line language give this house its elegant modern face. Regardless of the roof shape, design package and façade design as a plaster or clinker façade, this 2 storey is always extremely presentable.

The total floor are is 152 square meters composing of 78 square meters ground floor net area and 74 square meters upper floor net area. The ground floor consists of the living room, dining room, kitchen, storage, common toilet and bath, and the service area.

The upper floor consists mainly of the 3 bedrooms and common bathroom. Roof type is pitched roof, so simple with sloping on opposite ends. The color scheme is mainly white and a touch of yellow green and dark grey accents.


Interior concepts below includes the bedroom, the living room, dining, kitchen and bathroom. Most of the bedrooms are painted with white wall and white ceiling. It is also provide with low cabinets and cupboards for storage.

Living and dining area are open to give more space. Simple couches with grey tone and pinewood flooring is conforming very much with white wall and ceiling.


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