2 Story House Collection

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These 2 story house collection features a traditional house from 3 to 5 bedrooms singled detached. There are 28 designs you can check as reference to your future dream house.

Ideal for privacy and separating the entertaining area or receiving room, mostly situated at the ground floor, 2 story house plans offer both privacy and play. The ground floor may include the entry porch, garage, living area, dining and kitchen. At the rear or back may include a service area, laundry or even a lanai from the dining room exit. Although others prefer that bedrooms should be located at the second floor, some would prefer that a master’s bedroom would be at the ground Floor. Elderly prefer this option for convenience as they do not have to climb a stair to go to the bedroom.

Second floor usually includes a small family area, standard bedrooms, master’s bedroom and a balcony. This would be a private type since all the sleeping rooms are above the receiving area or living room. Typical story house would range from 150 to 450 square meters in total floor area from 2 to 5 bedroom allocation or design.

Advantages of a 2 story house

It can be complicated decision to choose from a one story or a two story house if you are planning to build your dream home. Below are some advantages of 2 story house which may affect your decision in the future:

  • Space Saving. You have more space for the same lot area. If you have a lot area of 160 square meters and you are only allowed a 90 sq.m. floor area, you can double this area and making it 180 sq.m. if you opt in for a 2 story type house.
  • Privacy. The separation of the living areas and sleeping areas are also a deciding factor for many home owners. Living areas and receiving rooms for 2 story usually situated at the ground floor and bedrooms will be on the upper floor.
  • Flood Safe. This feature may be true or not but compared to a one story, you still have the second floor to go safe when water rises in flood-prone areas.

With all the advantages mentioned above, 2 story house types also have disadvantages.

  • You need to climb a stair to go to your bedroom. This will not be friendly specially to the oldies, tired or drunked.
  • You may injure yourself when you fall on the stair.
  • Less flexible when it comes to the usage of the house as you have to go down to the ground floor too reach the dining or kitchen.

Below area some more images of 2 story house, feel free to browse on them…..



Most of the 2 story house nowadays would be single attached type to efficiently utilize the lot. With one of the sides fire-walled you could save at least 30 square meter of floor area and turn it into a usable room instead of a vacant area. With narrow lots, this design is very applicable and can be extended even another floor to add more space.

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