3 Bedroom Contemporary Home Design

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Choosing the design of your future home can be tricky and hard. Most homeowners today prefer getting a modern style home. These are simple designed house plans that provide comfort and relaxation to the homeowners. These houses also provide plenty of spaces to move around while still ensuring that family members have privacy.

If you are in search of a modern style home, you can consider this house. This contemporary house is designed to be built in a 1292 square feet (or 120 square meters) lot area. This plan has only a single floor that makes it distinctive and has a unique design.

This house has a porch, a sit out, two bedrooms, a Master’s bedroom with attached bathroom, a common bathroom, dining area, kitchen, living room, and a working area. It is also surrounded by an array of windows to allow natural ventilation and light to come inside the house.

Let’s take a look on the inside of this house.

Here is the floor plan of the house:



Instead of directly accessing the entryway, there is a separate sit out before you can enter the house. This sit out can serve as a relaxation area for your guests. Upon entering the house, you will be greeted by the living room attached to the dining area. The working area can serve as a storage room or a laundry area of the house.

Up on the second floor or the two bedrooms of this house. The Master’s bedroom of this house is very spacious as well. It has an attached toilet and bath and a dressing area.

What do you think about this house plan? Do you think this space is enough for your family?

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