30+ Small Bathroom Ideas

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Home sweet home – it is one of the only places you can truly be comfortable with on your own skin. For introverts, it is their sweet escape from the hustle and bustle. For extroverts, it is a social gathering for friends and family alike. One of the many rooms we take for granted in our houses is the bathroom.

The bathroom need not to be just a place for relieving yourself, it can also be where you are able to relax after a long day of turmoil, hardship, and stress. If every other corner of your house looks magnificent, shouldn’t that be the same way for your bathroom? After all, the state of your home is the state of the person living there. A messy bathroom shows a highly unorganized individual, compare that to a neat and tidy bathroom that implies a meticulous person.

Small bathroom ideas can turn your place of relief into a throne of solitude. A little home improvement can add liveliness in your living space. Here are just some tips to give you an idea on what to do with your bathroom.

Small Bathroom Ideas for Space and Efficiency

Less is more – is what people usually say given constraints. If your bathroom is especially small, this is where your creativity can shine! Design choices should be elegant to give the illusion of a large bathroom.

What’s more placing cabinets above a sink can maximize the space you have and by properly storing items such as soaps, shampoo, and other toiletries in their respective areas, it can enhance the illusion for maximum effectiveness.

When you plan your bathroom schematics, it is important to remember these properties (storage) to find an efficient solution and have room for movement.

Materials Diversity

Substituting traditional bathroom necessities to make your bathroom feel more open can add a lot to the ambiance of the house. Using shower glass doors to add to the openness of the bathroom.

A contrast of materials, such as the wood finishing of a sink juxtaposing the square tiles helps a tiny bathroom feel bigger than it is.


Given tight restrictions, you may not able to place anything other than a simple sink, shower, and toilet. However, a little DIY can alllow you access to space you didn’t know you had before.

Sub-sectioning a part of a wall besides your sink into three parts – upper, middle, lower – can be made into a shelf for your toiletries. Another suggestion is to add a corner shower if you are the kind of person that favors function over form.

Contrast, Matching, and Lighting

A bathroom is only as good as its homeowner, and it is up to them to decide what kind of bathroom they should have, and the appropriate kind of style to apply.

A small bathroom, for example, can benefit by adding a free-standing bathtub to provide an airy bathroom design.

For large enough bathrooms, a mixture of both match and contrast is possible, such as a his-and-hers style of bathroom that includes a separate sink for each person.

Lastly, the most important property you can manipulate is light, provided with the color of your walls and floor are the right choice! Having a green wall with light bouncing from it can give off a bright and cheery bathroom. A beige-colored wall can give off a modern vibe with enough lighting.

With enough creativity and imagination, you can turn these ideas and combine them all to your preference!


small bathroom ideas

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