4 Benefits to Installing a Central Air Conditioning System

Central Air Conditioning System
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In most parts of the world, a central air conditioning system is only for the rich. Not a lot of households can afford such a luxury of cool air circulating throughout the entire house. There are so many considerations, the setup cost, the vents, the unit itself, and maintenance. And yet, compared to window air conditioners, centralized systems still win hands down. Want to know why? Here are 4 benefits to installing central air conditioning system in your home that you should know about:


 1. It improves indoor air quality

Air quality is very important in any home. Good air promotes better sleep, lowers risk of allergies and asthma, and helps prevent a couple of respiratory ailments. Central air conditioners circulate filtered air throughout your house using your home’s ductwork. This feature significantly raises air quality inside your home, something you can’t find with regular window type aircons. Because of this system, you also lower the risk of mold growing in your home, which can be a disaster when left unattended.


2. You save on overall energy

One of the common misconceptions in installing centralized air conditioning systems is the cost. It’s true though, the price gap between a window type and a centralized one is huge. But if you’re going to install a window type in each and every room in your house to cool you down during a heat wave, then you may be spending more than you can save. To be fair, the cost savings of having centralized units isn’t apparent at first, but their EER (Energy Efficiency Ratios) ratings are much higher meaning it’s more cost-effective in the long run.


3. It’s effortless cooling

Perhaps the simplest and best argument for getting central air conditioning is this – it keeps you cool effortlessly. Compared to installing a window type in every room, which is space limiting and prohibitive, a centralized system keeps your entire house at the right temperature all the time. Just don’t forget to hire a certified and qualified HVAC technician to cover your installation and maintenance, so you’re assured of quality service.


4. Other benefits

Aside from the above mentioned health benefits, there are other important points to consider as well. Central air conditioners are less noisy. You can expect as much since the main unit that houses the condenser, fan, and compressor are installed outdoors. And because of that, it doesn’t mess with your home’s interior and also doesn’t take any inside space.

It’s also very easy to operate. The system is controlled by a single console that can be programmed depending on your household needs. In some specialized models, you can even operate in a reversed cycle, making your unit both a heating and a cooling one. The upfront cost of having a central air conditioning system installed in your home may be too hefty, but it pays off over time. If you really want to invest in it, discuss it with your partner and analyze your household situation if you do really need it or not.

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