5 Hot Paint Color Ideas To Add a Modern and Sophisticated Touch to Your Home

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Choosing the paint color idea for your home can be tricky and confusing. Since there are hundreds of paint color options to choose from, it may seem to be an impossible task to get the perfect shade that you want.

To avoid wasting time and effort and to free yourself from the stress of choosing the best color, we’ve compiled some of the season’s hottest shades for paint color ideas for you to choose from.

If you are in need of a little help from the professionals, take a look at these five paint color ideas. You may use this post as a resource guide, and you will end up with a space filled with equal parts of sophistication and modern style.


1. Choose Grecian Blues

These days, professional designers and even designers-at-heart are going with Grecian blues in their work. According to Benjamin Moore, this color family is one of the color trends of the year. It is easy to see why. These shades bring your blissful vacations near the sea.

This type of blue gives a cool and calming feel to it but still maintaining an impact. The key here is to know how much or how little you will use in your space. If you want to make the room feel as if it is transporting you to the Mediterranean, paint all the walls. You may also consider simply painting the kitchen cabinets or pieces of furniture as accent pieces.


2. Go With Neutral Grass

Gray is the hot neutral of the season. It is less harsh and less stark than black and weight. Gray also gives out a subtle feel to any space. The end result of the design may feel more welcoming while still maintaining its chic effect.

When using gray, it is important to consider how the color will affect the feel of the space in total. Lighter shades of gray give off a warmer feeling, so it is best to integrate the color into your bedroom or living area. Meanwhile, darker grays give off more visual impact so use it in a room where you want to make a big impact.


3. Embrace Corals

Pink is not just for kids or girls anymore. Corals are the season’s pastels. Corals can give your space a mature and refined feeling onto it.

Choosing coral paint is already making a statement in the space so make sure to balance the other design elements surrounding it. Choose a color palette that includes neutral shades to keep the eyes from getting overwhelmed. You may also use coral as an accent wall to liven up the space that needs a little pop of color.


4. Go Neutral With Olive

If you want a neutral color that gives off more personality than the other colors, olive is your best pick. This color offers a middle ground between the bold green and the trendy mint shades. It gives out a nurturing feel to the space that is not obstructive but still adds an attitude to the overall design.

Since olive is connected to nature, make sure to play it up in your design. Use this color in spaces where you have natural elements like wood or stone and rooms with plenty of natural light. This shade is useful for areas that act as a transition between the interior and exterior parts of the house. You may use it for the kitchen that offers a passage to the outdoor deck or lanai.


5. Give Plum a Chance

Plum is a natural fit if you want to bring a lavish touch to your home. This shade brings out the vibe of royalty and wealth and is a perfect shade to give your home an upscale feel without maximizing the costs.

When you are using plum, choose the room that matters the most. Focus this color on spaces that give out a regal feel like your dining room or living room. The size of the room is also an important part to consider. Since plum is a strong choice, use it in a room where the shade is not too overwhelming.


These five shades are currently dominating the interior design landscape right now. Consider incorporating these shades into your next home project. Whether you are using them in your furniture, walls or as accent pieces, you are giving your home a more modern touch while still leaving a sophisticated and regal feel to them.

What do you think about these colors? Would you consider using them in your home?

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