5 Smart Space-Saving Ideas for Your Home

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Our cities are getting more and more crowded, and space is getting more expensive and more scarce. This is promoting a change in behavior in homeowners and renters as they try to optimize the limited space they have. You have to remember that it is always cheaper to optimize the limited space you have than buy/rent a larger home. That’s why we’ve compiled 6 relevant, smart, and timely tips to help you with your space-saving endeavors inside your home.

#1 Make Sure Your Cabinet Space Doesn’t Go to Waste

This is the first item on our list due to how important it is – virtually every home has more than a few cabinets inside, and most of the time, these cabinets are criminally underused. Half-empty, disorganized, misused, and underused – these can aptly describe most cabinets you come across in every home.

When you want to save space in the home, you should start by finally making proper use of the cabinets. It is a perfect place to store trinkets, tools, and other small and moderately sized items. You can save a lot of space with this tip alone.

#2 Build Shelves Into the Wall

Building shelves into the wall is not only a great storage option, but it is also a great way to renovate your home and add new design elements to your home.

Wall Shelves

They are versatile and useful: you can get shelves in many styles, colors, sizes, and shapes, and you can store many different types of items on the shelves from tools to books. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive, accessible, versatile storage option you can install in every home, wall shelves are for you.

#3 Get Bedding Storage

The bedroom is becoming an increasingly important room in most homes. It is where a lot of people spend most of their time when home. So, having extra storage options in your bedroom is always welcome.

One of the main ways you can increase storage in your bedroom and save space is by getting a corner sofa bed with storage. The space under the bed is usually either empty or occupied needlessly by the bed for support. But, by getting the right storage bedding, you’ll get ample extra space to store various kinds of items there. It is a great place to place tools and devices you rarely use.

#4 Learn How to Fill the Corners

There’s a reason why we recommended a corner sofa bed and not a regular sofa bed in the previous section. Home corners are hard to fill up, and novice designers rarely have the skills or imagination necessary to know what to put there. Leaving them empty while the rest of their home is bustling with items. There are many ways to fill corners if you’re creative: the easiest choices are cabinets, lamps, corner sofas and beds, plants and flowers, etc. The choices are endless. So don’t shy away from filling the corners of the house.

#5 House Extension

The most expensive item on this list and the most drastic measure to take. If you think there’s no way you can save more space and you still need more stuff in your home, you need to get a house extension and extend parts of your home to accommodate more stuff. The part you extend depends on why you need more space. If you want more space for kitchen tools, then you need a kitchen extension. If you want more space to store old items, you need an attic extension, etc.

The two biggest impediments are the cost and the permits you need. You need a professional team to help you extend the house without damaging it, and this costs a lot of money. Furthermore, you need a permit from the relevant authorities to ensure you’re not breaking any building codes in the county/city/region you live in. This causes a considerable headache for a lot of people.

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