5 Survey Equipment Items That Are Important to Know in the UK

surveying instruments
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Surveying is the technique of determining the distance and angle of three dimensional points on the surface of the earth. Surveying is important because it establishes maps, boundaries for ownership and locations. A person who conducts surveying is called a land surveyor. He/she always needs some important survey equipment items such as total stations, drones, GPS receivers and cameras to work efficiently. A surveyor determines the equipment he or she will use depending on the task at hand.

Here are five survey equipment items that are important to know in the UK:


1. Ranger 7 Data Collector

One of the major functions done by a land surveyor is to collect data. Ranger 7 Data Collector is a quality equipment that offers productivity and reliability in collecting data. This equipment has a QWERTY keyboard that ensures you enter data quickly and error free. It also has a screen size that is convenient to show accurate results that will help you to make informed decisions. The Ranger 7 Data Collector is designed with swappable batteries, solid pole bracket and software like Survey Pro to enhance productivity.


2. Spectra Precision Focus 35

This is a new motorized total station that provides high speed, accuracy and precision in measurement. The survey equipment enhances efficiency by moving the observer from the instrument to the range pole. With Focus 35 survey equipment, there is no traditional motion locks because the equipment has patented StepDrive motion technology. The motion technology controls the horizontal and vertical motion of the motors which enhances the speed of observation and precision. Moreover, Focus 35 is available in different angle accuracies.  


3. Spectra Precision SP60 GNSS Receiver

This is a survey equipment that can be used for multiple tasks such as simple GIS workflows to more challenging survey tasks. The equipment has a centric technology that delivers fast and reliable GNSS positioning by utilizing all available GNSS signals. This helps to produce the optimal solution even in challenging environments. The equipment is also fitted with an anti-theft technology for safety purposes.


4. Mechanical Total Station

A mechanical total station can be used for different tasks. It can be used to measure coordinates, collect data, distance and perfect for angle. However, it is mostly used to lay out locations of penetrations in roofing, between floors of a building, and out of the underground utilities into the foundation in the X and Y axis. There are different Mechanical Total Stations with different designs to enhance productivity. Some of the best Mechanical Total Stations and their prices can be found at SEP: Surveying Equipment. This is a shop that has a wide range of experience in supplying engineering and surveying services across the globe. They offer clients complete confidence that buying, hiring and servicing specialist equipment for surveying is as simple as possible.


5. Spectra Precision LL100N Laser Level

This is an automatic self levelling crew that is available in one case making it easy to carry around, store and use. It is also fast to set up with only one button operation making it easy to use with minimal training. This survey equipment is capable of handling different height elevations and still record accurate readings. Moreover the equipment is made to withstand tough jobsite conditions.



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