5 Tips on How to Make Use of a Small Garden

small garden
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Having a small garden can be a tad bit challenging, especially if you have no idea how to design it. However, there are a few perks of owning a tiny landscape. For instance, it’s less demanding in terms of time allocation and resources required. Small gardens are incredibly easy to maintain. That said, there are several key tips on utilizing a small garden space that you need to know about. You don’t need to be a landscaper to know your way around the ropes.

Here are 5 tips on how to make use of a small garden:

1. Utilize your walls and fences

Having a small garden is tricky: it’s hard to figure out what to plant and what not to. However, the walls and fences around your compound might just help broaden your options. You can comfortably grow climbing plants in your garden without too much hassle. These plants hang onto walls or cling onto fences, occupying very little space. In addition, there are some pots and wall pouches specifically designed to latch onto the wall. Try planting tomatoes and herbs on these exquisite pots – they really save on space.

2. Vary the shapes and sizes of your containers

For small kitchen gardens, it’s essential to utilize the available space as efficiently as possible. For instance, use different container sizes to plant your seedlings. Preferably use smaller pots with varying shapes. This variation will not only save on space but also liven your garden, making it look more colorful.

3. Be careful when choosing a color scheme

It’s important to pick out a color scheme that suits your garden. Select vibrant shrubs and flowers to make your miniscule garden look bigger and lighter. Hot colors such as red help to induce feelings of intimacy whereas blue and purple colors add depth to your small garden. These combine perfectly to give your garden a radiant appearance. So what’s your favorite colors? Try incorporating them in your garden and see how it looks.

4. Organize the little space you have

You don’t need lots of space to make an eye-catching garden. Simply make use of what you’ve got currently. You can utilize raised beds to create varying heights within your garden – this gives the illusion of space. You can also divide your outdoor space into sections: use one area to plant some veggies and flowers. Another area can be used as a patio or lawn for relaxation and entertainment. Be creative and turn your space into what you envision.

5. Choose your plants wisely

Before settling on your garden design, conduct some research to find out how big your intended crops will grow. Also figure out whether those crops will shed leaves or not – you don’t want to spend too much time sprucing up your garden. It’s a great idea to pick out those plants that won’t consume too much space in the garden. However, don’t be boring: inject some life by planting diverse crops around your garden.

These few tips will make your small garden pop out distinctly.

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