5 Tips to Using Reclaimed Bricks in Your Interior Design

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Being among one of the highest quality materials that are used for home interiors, it doesn’t really matters where you use bricks as they will always give your home a splendid look. Reclaimed bricks can be used to decorate the landscape outside or inside your home transforming it into a charming homely setup.

They are durable and require less maintenance and repairs. How you apply different textures in combination with the bricks influences the final look of your interior décor. However, it is paramount that you know exactly how to use them in order to bring out a perfect finish.

With the wrong color combination you can make a mess of your interior décor, but with the right texture, color among other additional characteristics reclaimed bricks a great for a cool design. Here’s how you can use them to effectively add a touch of glamour to your interior.

1. Brick patterned wallpaper

Thousands of wallpapers and reclaimed brick strips are available in the market at varying prices. Modern wallpapers are quite advanced with numerous additional features such as waterproof and heat resistant characteristics that would reduce your worry about the wallpapers wearing out.

The imitation of the reclaimed brick design gives the wallpapers a natural look where it is not easy to know whether it is a real brick wall or not unless one touches it. Enabling you to stick the wallpaper on the wall, the temporary glue in the wallpaper provides a flawless look when placed correctly. It is a fast process and quite beneficial, especially to those living in rentals who do not like the look of their walls.

2. Create a Textured Contrast

When using raw ricks, you can create a rustic or modern contrast in any of the rooms in your home. Bricks can be used for the bathroom walls, bedroom or living.

3. Create a Color Contrast

Choose the right color combinations that ensemble together if you intend to mix different colors, but do not exceed four colors. With the right color palette, you will be able to enhance your room looking elegant and welcoming.

4. Brick Panels

Although many shy away from brick panels due to their high cost, brick panels are another way you can improve your interior design. Whether you are starting from scratch or remodeling, brick panels are a great asset since they can also be painted or repainted reducing any extra costs of having to purchase new ones. With just a few brick panels, you can give your rooms a realistic finish.

5. Brick Tiles

Brick tiles will give your home a refined look and feel. Mostly done by a professional contractor to avoid mistakes, they are usually placed with cement colored grout for a firmer finish. You can get recycled brick tiles from some of the décor and construction companies which can be modified into thin slices of reclaimed brick giving an original look.

The water resistant and fire resistant characteristics of reclaimed bricks will reduce any extra costs brought about by heating and cooling of your home. They also insulate the house for extra protection. Get reclaimed bricks by Deco Stones today to order from their collection of exquisite reclaimed bricks and give your home a beautiful new look.

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