About Us

Welcome to Pinoy ePlans, online floor plans for Filipinos. This website is purely owned by Filipinos. We are a group of Filipino Civil Engineers, Architects, Mechanical, Sanitary and Electrical Engineers who basically are contributors in the birth of this website. Floor plans published here has been carefully designed to cater our co-Filipinos taste, way of living and status in life. It is still on a beta version as you can see still few are posted. Additionally, we are also considering other designs such as can be seen from magazines, research in the internet as inspiration for new trends in house designs.

We all are dreaming to build our own house especially your dream house and we think that our website can help not really to sell our work but will serve as a guide in choosing a floor plan of your preference. We are constantly updating Pinoy ePlans whenever we have new designs to post so feel free to browse, and use our floor plans to realize your dream house. You can also contact us for any inquiry related to our designs. Thank you very much and mabuhay!