Accent Pieces for a Luxurious Living Room

These simple ideas can liven up a living room instantly

One of the many joys of personally being involved in interior decorating your own house is coming home to an abode that reflects your personality and taste. The living room is perhaps one that can openly display your design acumen to your guests, as it is the part of your home that is most exposed to visitors. Bearing these in mind, one must be thoughtful in carrying out the design ideas when decorating the living room. Luckily, online property website Lamudi Philippines is here to help you with some ideas on accent pieces that can liven up any living room instantly.


Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are a small home’s unsung best friend, because it can instantly make a room feel roomier and more open by scattering more light around the area. Mirrors can also do wonders for spacious dwellings as it gives an ambient atmosphere, especially when paired with good lighting. The best part is you can go cheap when you are low on budget, although splurging in a few antique pieces can likewise make for a solid investment on your living room decorations (also, imagine all the pretty frames you can choose from). Choose a few small mirrors, or one large mirror that matches your home design and hang them from a bare wall in your living room.


Flowers (or Faux Ones)

Nothing can be more luxurious than putting in a few white lilies in a vibrant vase in your living room table; plus how awesome can it be for one to find the perfect ikebana arrangement to maintain in their own living room. For a busy person, though, having fresh flowers brought in regularly can be such a hassle.

Lucky for us, there are now options for beautiful artificial flowers unlike how they were used to be made. Liven up a blah living room with bouquet of flowers in vases that match your color scheme of your room.


When Style Meets Function

A living room need not be stiff and overly decorated like a mall display. It is, after all, a part of your home. Look for pieces like a classic antique wooden chest to serve a center table for your living room. This can likewise serve as a container for your knick-knacks and trinkets, and can be repainted to coordinate with your color palette.

Small drawers or bureaus can also be used as side tables which can easily make your living room look functional and elegant as well. If you are an avid book reader (or if you would like other people to think so), a pile of tomes can also serve as a unique side table. It can likewise make for a good conversation starter.


Light Fixtures

Light fixtures such as standing lamps are usually overlooked, but placing a few elegantly designed lamps can frame the design you are aiming for. The good thing about these functional pieces is that you can always replace the shades if you feel like redecorating your room again. Soft yellow lights are a no-fail choice if you want to room to look homey and luxurious.

light fixture

Your Personal Collection

Perhaps each one of us who loves collecting takes pride in their personal collection. Be it antique porcelain tea sets, exquisite silverware, paintings, sculptures, or even your stamp collection, displaying collections can add a personal touch to your living room and give you reason to maintain it (and boast about it).


The Couch: The Overlooked Centerpiece

If you think the center table (or coffee table) is the center of attention in a living room, well you might have thought wrong. The couch is most probably the first thing any person will notice (and feel) upon entering another person’s home, so it is crucial to select a good living room set if you want the room to feel luxurious and inviting.

Go for a plain-colored living room set so you can easily match it with other pieces (like throw pillows) as you wish. Take into consideration a few factors in choosing the type of fabric that you will use for your living room set, as animal scratches or milk stains will definitely make your set look shabby and as to give you easier maintenance. Opt for fabrics that are easier to clean, or perhaps go for leather couches if you do not mind periodically applying leather protectant for your furniture. Lastly, one can never go wrong with a charming, velveteen chesterfield couch in making a room look luxurious.

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