Amazing Sunken Living Room Designs

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A sunken living room may look like an old trend, but it continues to be popular. Now that the open-concept home is becoming a trend, more people are adopting the sunken living room concept. Opting for a sunken living room in your home can give you the opportunity to create a sense of separation and space within an open concept and can make your living room modern and unique.

If you are thinking of adopting a sunken living room in your home, you should check out these stunning designs that have different design aesthetics for your home. Some of them have the retro vibe while others can fit right into your contemporary home.


A sunken living room does not need to be gaudy. Take this design as an example. It combines comfortability and attractiveness without being over the top.



In this sunken living room design, it allows natural light from the windows to shine through the whole living room.



This midcentury design makes the living room a nice place to unwind and relax after a long day of work.


By Levels

This living room design demonstrates how the different living spaces that an open-concept home can be separated from each other.



This contemporary living room is always an attractive and perfect design choice, especially if your house is surrounded by windows and natural light.



A green area rug can help demarcate the living room in a large sunken floor space. If you are a fan of an unadorned contemporary design, you will surely love this design.


Black and White

A black and white design is never out of people’s choice. Using a single, wooden coffee table can break the overall contemporary design, but can act as an accent to the overall feel of the living room.


These sunken living rooms do not only provide aesthetics to the overall feel of your home, but they also promote relaxation, especially after a long day of work. They also make the place open and inviting. Sunken living rooms balance the coziness of the kitchen and the dining halls beautifully.

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