Are Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets in Fashion

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Cabinets with flat fronts and no trim are nowadays very common. As it seems, their general smooth appearance marked by trimmed doors is captivating to many homeowners with a taste for luxury.

If by any chance you are planning to go for any model of flat panel cabinet designs, just know you are not alone because they are very popular among many modern homeowners.

But do you want to know why flat panel kitchen cabinets are presently very popular? Well, in this article, you will discover why they are trending at the top this year. Continue reading to uncover everything you may want to know about flat panel cabinets.

Highlight Features of Panel Kitchen Cabinets

Also referred to as slab cabinets, flat panel cabinets are generally outlined by flat fronts typical of a seamless plane. You can easily distinguish them by their exceptionally zero-trim smooth surfaces.

Below are other highlight features of flat panel kitchen cabinets.

  1. Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Slab cabinets are amazingly easier to clean and maintain. Because of their unequaled simplistic zero-trim design, they arguably call for unfavorable maintenance requirements as is the case of cabinets adorned with beautification trim, for example, shaker kitchen cabinets.

With a unique flat-front construction, flat panel cabinets seem remarkably easier to upgrade or redesign. In this respect, if you ever wanted to own drawers that you can give frequent upgrades as a maintenance strategy, flat panel kitchen cabinets should be your go-to cabinet design.

  1. Compatibility with Several Interior Designs

While their simplistic backdrop makes them seem ideal for mid-century kitchen interiors, flat panel kitchen cabinets are compatible with all kitchen interior designs. This fact makes them lovable in two ways.

Firstly, with them, you can design your kitchen differently at different times depending on changing fashion. Secondly, you can pair flat panel kitchen cabinets with any décor item you have without making them look out of place.

  1. Versatility

Slab cabinets come in a wide range of designs or styles. Regarding color, you can find them in all colors, including natural wood undertones. In terms of style, varieties of flat-fronted cabinets varyingly feature open and closed-shelving options.

Besides color and styling, flat-paneled cabinet designs feature design trends from traditional to modern fashion. From this perspective, these cupboards ideally provide unlimited interior design options to homeowners.

Are Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets in Style?

While they have been in and out of fashion for quite some time, slab cabinets are presently genuinely in fashion. Here are the reasons why they are trending.

#1: Skyrocketing Demand for Functional Kitchens

According to interior designers, homeowners are now more interested in the functional than the aesthetic aspects of a design. In this respect, interior décor materials that seem to emphasize practicability, for example, through ease of maintenance and cleaning, are more likely to improve in terms of popularity.

Flat panel kitchen cabinets are not only seamless to clean and maintain but are also compatible with different kitchen designs and interior decoration items, which is a fact that grounds its functional attribute. Slab cabinets are, therefore, more likely to stay trending, thanks to their functional values.

#2: The Emerging Need for Flexible Interior Décor Materials

With the contemporary interior design industry witnessing constant changes in fashion, homeowners want décor materials that can allow them to try out varying designs as they come to and go out of fashion.

Considering how flat panel cabinets can fit in all types of interiors as well as blend with a myriad of décor items, it’s not wrong to assume that they are some of the most flexible interior décor materials. As we already noted, these drawers can allow you to effortlessly redesign your pantry according to changes in fashion. You can also mix them with any décor material to achieve any worthwhile interior design.

#3: Everyone Wants Versatile Designs

With countless breathtaking designs currently at their disposal and unending fashion changes lined up for them, modern homeowners arguably have lots of choices to choose from in interior design.

Now that nobody wants to be tied to only one design when buying cabinets, cabinets with a range of design options to choose from are demanded by many homeowners. Because they come in tens of different styling and design options, flat-panel kitchen cabinets are being searched for by many homeowners.

#4: The Need to Cut Costs in Interior Design

Now that everything is turning out to be expensive, homeowners are going for décor items that are convenient in terms of cost. Flat panel cabinets are particularly admired by many homeowners because of their cost-effectiveness, which mostly stems from the fact that they involve fewer materials.

In terms of purchase, installation, and maintenance, slab cupboards are considerably cheaper compared to different types of kitchen cabinets. In most cases, these drawers feature cost-effective or durable materials, for example, bare wood.

What to Look For When Buying Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

  • Functionality and Visual Aesthetics

Regardless of the kitchen cabinets you go for, their value is mostly highlighted by how much they can enhance the function and design aesthetics of your kitchen. Therefore, cookhouse functionality and interior design aesthetics should be your first consideration when buying flat panel kitchen cabinets.

  • Cost of Purchase and Installation

Because you can only commit to buying something that you can easily afford, you must consider the costs involved in purchasing and installing flat panel cabinets before making a purchase. The cost of purchase is more often determined by design factors like size, color, material and beautification features.

  • The Hardware inside your Kitchen

Because all types of flat panel kitchen cabinets are perfect for exposing kitchen hardware, you should consider whether you want to expose or hide the hardware in your kitchen. If you think the hardware in your kitchen should be noticeable, then flat panel cabinet varieties are perfectly good for you.

Final Thoughts

As flat panel cabinets continue to garner admiration, they are turning out to be more common than they have ever been. Flat panel kitchen cabinets are undoubtedly popular for the immense benefits they come with, including access to unlimited design choices, cost-effective maintenance, and flexibility in blending with different interior designs and décor items.


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