Awesome Garage Door Design Ideas to Spice Up Your Home’s Exterior

Your garage door is the first thing that your guests can see upon arrival at your home. [Image Credit: Home Epiphany]
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Garage doors are usually taken for granted. They may not look like the most glamorous part of the house, but they deserve a lot of attention, too. When you think about the amount of space that garage doors occupy, you may realise how important their look, style, and materials, can greatly influence your home’s exterior.

That is why we’ve decided to collect some awesome garage doors. Some of these designs have their own spin to classic designs while others have modern touches that can be fully incorporated into any exterior home design.

Wooden Modern

Using large wood panels with small glass segments in between makes these garage doors more attractive with a modern vibe.


Installing recessed lights overhead gives these translucent garage doors a glowing effect that makes it inviting.

Glass and Wood

The beautiful combination of glass and wood garage doors with arched tops gives any home a delightful farmhouse feel.

Door Handles

Using wooden garage doors to any modern home gives a modern and more sophisticated vibe to the house.


A garage door made from fence gives a modern home a more seamless look.

Keep It Simple

The seamless and brown garage door used in this home gives the house a more aesthetic feel.


Your home’s exterior definitely stands out with white framed, dark wood garage doors.

Thin Glass

A garage door made of thin, durable glass, allows people to see through it, making it look unsecretive yet mysterious for people passing by.


This home’s custom garage door is designed to match the overall style of the house.


You can give your home a more unified look by matching the design of your garage doors to your front door.

Using any of these amazing garage door designs give the home a more sophisticated and more finished look. Plus, a garage door gives your home an overall “welcoming” feeling, especially if you have guests.

Which of these garage door designs best suit your taste and needs? Which one will you use in your home? Let us know in the comment section below!

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