Home Feature: Bill Gates’ House is More Than Just a Mansion; It’s a Technological Masterpiece

Bill Gates’ House is more than just a mansion. [Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons] Tags: , , ,
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With a net worth of more than $81.5 billion, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is the richest man in the United States. It would not be too surprising to know that one of the wealthiest people in the world has an extravagant home.

It took seven long years and $63 million for gates to build his Medina in the Washington estate named Xanadu 2.0. This name is after the fictional home of Citizen Kane’s Charles Foster Kane.

Situated at a 66,000 square feet space, Bill Gates’ house is absolutely massive and filled with high-tech details. The mansion is a technological masterpiece that contains many features that would easily grab your attention.

We’ve rounded up some of the over-the-top features of Xanadu 2.0.

[Image Credit: My First Class Life]

[Image Credit: My First Class Life]

1. It is worth at least $123 million.

The King Country public assessor’s office said that Bill Gates’ house is worth $123.54 million. The lot alone was purchased for $2 million in 1988. Bill Gates also reportedly pays around $1 million in property taxes every year.

2. To complete the project, they used half a million board feet of lumber.

The whole house was built using 500-year-old Douglas fir trees. 300 construction workers labored on the home, 100 of whom were electricians.

[Image Credit: Reuters]

[Image Credit: Reuters]

3. Uses a high-tech sensor system to monitor a room’s lighting and climate.

Once the guests arrive, they are given a pin that interacts with the sensors located all over the house. The guests enter their lighting and temperature preferences so that the settings change as they move around the house. Speakers are also hidden behind the wallpaper to allow much to follow you from room to room.

4. The houses make use of the natural surroundings to reduce heat loss.

Bill Gates’ house is an earth-sheltered house, meaning that it is built into its surroundings to regulate the temperature more efficiently and effectively.

[Image Credit: jeffwolcox / flickr]

[Image Credit: jeffwolcox / flickr]

5. Change the artwork on the walls in just one touch.

There is $80,000 worth of computer screens surrounding the house. You can make the screen displays with your favorite photographs or paintings.

6. The pool has its own underwater music system.

The 60-feet pool is located in a separate, 3,900-square-foot building. Guests in the pool could swim underneath a glass wall to come up to a terrace area on the outside. There’s also a locker room composed of four showers and two baths.

[Image Credit: The Richest]

[Image Credit: The Richest]

7. There are a few numbers of rooms.

The house only got seven bedrooms. That sounds a bit weird because of the massive area of the estate but Bill Gates only has three children: Jennifer Katharine, Rory John, and Phoebe Adele.

8. The house has 24 bathrooms, 10 of which are full baths.

Although there are only seven bedrooms, Bill Gates’ house has 24 bathrooms, which are useful if Gates is throwing a big party.

[Image Credit: Comedy Flavors]

[Image Credit: Comedy Flavors]

9. An enormous library houses a manuscript Gates paid for more than $30 million.

The mansion houses a 2,100-square-foot library that has a domed roof and two secret bookcases, including one that has a hidden bar. On the ceiling, you’ll see a quote from The Great Gatsby that reads: He had come a long way to this blue lawn, and his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it.

This enormous library is home to the Codex Leicester, a 16-century Leonardo da Vinci manuscript that the Microsoft founder bought at an auction in 1994 for $30.8 million.

10. The garage can accommodate up to 23 cars.

There are several garages located on the property. The most interesting one is an underground cave made out of stainless steel and concrete that can park up to 10 cars.

[Image Credit: My First Class Life]

[Image Credit: My First Class Life]

Bill Gates’ house is a mansion with a technological masterpiece, isn’t it? Would you expect less of the Microsoft founder?



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