Choosing a Three Bedroom Home For Your Growing Family

A three bedroom home combines versatility and function. [Image Credit: Kerala House Designs] Tags: , ,
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The fun part of having your own family is preparing your new home. What do you want and what do you need in your new home? Where do you want to live? What features do you want your new home to have?

If you already have a growing family, the first thing that you should think about other than your budget, is the size and available space for you, your spouse, and your children. A three bedroom home is a very popular choice, and it is easy to see why.

The versatility of having a home with three bedrooms makes it a great choice for any kind of family: a young family, couples who want a place for their children to stay when they visit, spouses who want to have an office each, having a three bedroom home has a lot of possibilities.

This modern three bedroom home has 1800 square feet (167 square meters or 200 square yards). The floor plan was carefully laid out that is why it may look like it has three stories.

The ground floor is consisted of the living area. The opening front door or the stout will lead you to the living room which is extended to the dining hall with provision for a pooja and courtyards. The two bedrooms are also located on the first floor, with three toilet and baths, spacious kitchen to move around, and a working area.

Meanwhile, the first floor serves as the relaxation area for the family. Upon climbing up the stairs, you can see the living area or the family area connected to the balcony and very spacious open terrace. The master’s bedroom and toilet and bath are also on the first floor.

Below are the detailed floor plan and facilities for the ground and first floors.


Ground Floor

  • Veranda
  • Living area
  • Two bedrooms with attached toilet and bath
  • Pooja
  • Courtyard
  • Dining hall with washing area
  • Modular kitchen
  • Work area with attached bathroom
  • Porch


First Floor

  • Bedroom with attached toilet and bath
  • Family living room
  • Balcony
  • Backside utility terrace


A three bedroom home is a perfect choice for your family, no matter what size it is. Whether you have growing children or you want to use the home as an extension of your office, a three bedroom home is versatile and fully functional.

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