Classy Single Floor House Plan in Cool Colors

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A home is the most popular and lasting of all earthly buildings because it is where your heart lives. For this reason, can you identify the characteristics that make a certain house popular? Presently, style and functionality define a house to be a hot trend with space utilization being the trademark of contemporary architecture. Well, let us check how this classy single floor house plan registers its level of sophistication.

Contemporary homes proved to progress in a full circle. The manifestations of this status are seen from the houses built in the streets of every housing location. The house featured in this article is one of those signature homes of today which is oozing with character.

Picture of Classy Single Floor House Plan in Cool Colors

Description of Classy Single Floor House Plan in Cool Colors

Once again, the blend of white and grey shades put residential architecture on a different level. The spaces of single floor house are spread across a building space of 95.0 sq. meters. The exterior façade utilized good choices of materials and assembled in the most refined methods. Consequently, the product is a masterpiece of grace and elegance.

The remarkable characteristics of this house include the following:

  • clean contemporary lines in the whole structure
  • elevated porch dressed in white marble tiles and a flat roof
  • small pillars within the porch with grey colored natural stones
  • grey colored-wall tiles on the bottom borders on opposite sides of the front elevation
  • wall cladding with accents of grey marble tiles
  • wooden door with intricate workmanship and design
  • glass window panels in brown aluminum frames
  • open parking space in front of the house
  • lovely garden and landscaping for a healthy living

The entire exterior façade simply explodes into pleasantness by utilizing a blend of soft and cool shades of white and grey. The class that this house projects is certainly astonishing.

House Specifications and Floor Plan

This model house with exceptional character will win the hearts of most households. Its features include a porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, storage room, and a parking space. As can be seen, the facade layout presents a symmetry between the opposite sides of the house with respect to the entrance door which is very impressive.

The design offers an excellent layout because of the optimum utilization of space.  In fact, the rooms are interconnected allowing them to look spacious. Moreover, the set-up establishes a high level of accessibility and mobility. A very smart layout, the porch leads to the living room which enjoys a free-flowing concept with the dining room and kitchen.

Meanwhile, the three bedrooms with individual private bathrooms sit comfortably on the three corners of the house. The space in front of the house serves as the parking space and an extension of family-related activities

What else can you ask from a classy and graceful residence in a green atmosphere? Real comfort and freedom.

Credit to: Homepictures



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