Compact and cozy three-bedroom bungalow

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The popularity of a bungalow never goes outdated.  It is always wanted and famous among homeowners and prospective buyers or those planning to build their homes.  Bungalows are easy to maintain and they are preferred as a dwelling for the elderly and small kids.  The absence of stairs and the accessibility of the different rooms in the house make them preferred over other types of house.

This bungalow with three bedrooms uses cross hip roof.  This style is the appropriate roof style for this house because it complements its square shape.  Cross hip roofs are more expensive than other roof styles but they offer durability, beauty and strong protection against storms and winds.

The built-in garage was designed to contain two cars.  There is a small porch before the main door which opens to the cozy living room freely flowing to dining area.  To the right is a bedroom and beneath it is the kitchen. Two other bedrooms are located in the left side.  This floor layout looks cool.  You can adjust or modify it if you want without changing the exterior design or layout.

The rough estimate for a rough finish is US$50,000 or 2.5 million Philippine pesos.  With this amount, the house is already installed with electricity and water and is ready for occupancy. However, this estimate does not include painting and stuffing.  If you have your old furniture and stuffs, you can use them.  You can save for the next phase which is finishing and furnishing the house with your favorite stuffs.

Product Specifications:

  • 1-story contemporary house
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1 living room
  • kitchen and dining
  • veranda
  • garage with a roof deck
  • Budget: USD 50,000,000-70,000 or Php2.5-3.5

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Design sourced out from Samphoas.

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