Stylish 3 Bedroom House with Elegant Exterior

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What makes a house stylish and elegant at the same time? Well, the aesthetic level of a house defines its overall character and appearance. Similarly, the concepts of both the interior and exterior are the primary aspects to be impressive. Aside from design, the color choice and utilization capture the heart of most households. Anyway, take a look at the excellent features of a stylish 3 bedroom house and identify the level of elegance.

Based on my personal connection with many designs, I noticed two distinct colors that seem to dominate most exterior concepts – grey and cream. In fact, these tones offer a cool and pleasant appeal to any house. But we have to respect that the choice of color is still the final option of the owner.

Picture of Stylish 3 Bedroom House with Elegant Exterior

Description of Stylish 3 Bedroom House

A contemporary house with three bedrooms, it shines with lots of excellent features. The entire house exudes with dynamism and elegance in a mix of grey, cream, and dark brown colors. In fact, the blend creates the grace that the house projects

Picture of Stylish 3 Bedroom House with Elegant Exterior

This house stands in a property lot that measures 12.5 x 14.0 meters with a usable building space of 165.0 sq. meters. With a reasonable space, it offers the following outstanding characteristics:

  • an elevated terrace with dark grey marble tiles
  • rectangular pillars and cladding with grey colored natural stones
  • wall-sized sliding glass doors and window glass panels with dark brown aluminum casements
  • exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in cream color with dark brown outline and bottom border
  • prominent assemblies of hip roof with grey colored tiles
  • informal diner for coffee and quick meals
  • fascinating walkway, driveway, and parking space
  • lovely garden and landscaping

House Specifications and Floor Plan

This residential house will cater a bigger family as it has sufficient space to offer. The specifications include the following: terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, parking space, and informal diner.

As can be seen, the layout is very smart with every room designed to be more functional. The entire layout offers two main divisions – living spaces on the right and a private zone on the left portion. The terrace serves as a perfect entrance to the living room via sliding glass doors. The dining room and kitchen sit in front and creating a free-flowing concept with the living room. Consequently, the design offers a high level of mobility and accessibility. Meanwhile, the three generous bedrooms occupy the left section of the plan. The car park owns the spacious walkway on the left of the house.

Overall, the most significant highlight of this plan is the overwhelming level of comfort as can be seen from the glass sizes and impressive green surroundings. With the aesthetic features in a lovely setting, this beautiful house has a lot to offer as to functions and benefits.

Credit to: TP5Home


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