Elegant Modern House Plan With Three Bedrooms and Three Toilet and Baths

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Modern house designs are the favorite choices of a growing family. If you are looking an elegant and modern house design plan, this is the one that you are looking for.

This house plan’s size is perfect for a medium to large family. The common opinion among people is that a house should be huge or expensive to be considered amazing or beautiful but that is far from being true. This house design may be pretty small compared with mansions since it has a minimalist design. It is perfect for people who have a taste and style for minimalism as it creates a gorgeous, modern look without looking too big or too cluttered.

The use of the clean lines inside and out gives this modern home an uncluttered feeling. It also focuses on open floor space and features expansive windows around the house, making it perfect for using natural light to illuminate the interior as well as for taking in a good view outside the house.

This elegant modern house is fully developed in a gated community with amenities, making it a great investment due to its strategic location.

Talking of gated community and strategic location, the New City Paradise is also the best option for investors and people seeking to reside in a modern place. Society offers a rare blend of affordability and luxury within the boundaries. We highly recommend to avail yourself of an opportunity of investing in the New City Paradise and fulfill your dreams.

Once you enter from the entrance, you will be greeted by the spacious living room, which is adjacent to the dining area. The kitchen also has a separate room and is connected to the service area of the house. A toilet and bath and a smaller bedroom are situated in the ground floor area.

The first floor is the leisure part of the house. There are two bedrooms, both with separate toilet and bath. The main bedroom is also connected to an open spaced balcony. Beside the staircase is a family hall which can also be converted to a mini living room for guests. This house plan also has an option to add an additional floor for a roof deck or extra bedroom.

Overall, this elegant modern house is perfect for those who want to have a minimalist house yet comfortable for a growing family.


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