Elevated Bungalow House Design in Blue Shades

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Are you planning on building or buying a new house? Bungalow design is something you should consider. Well, it is important to learn the positive and negative aspects of a house design. You can the furniture and decoration as well before deciding to go through with it. This blog offers you an elevated bungalow house design that shines brilliantly in blue shades the entire exterior.

Actually, a bungalow house is a common fixture in almost every housing location around the country. In fact, because of the immense popularity of these types, it is not difficult to decorate your home with a contemporary theme. In fact, there are millions of pieces of furniture you can buy to complement the current house trend.

Picture of Elevated Bungalow House Design with Blue Shades

Description of Elevated Bungalow House Design

The model house in feature holds a unique style that sits in 11.30 x 11.20 meters dimension or a floor area of 113.0 sq. meters. As can be seen, the unit is ready to offer privacy and comfort as it is built in a setting with a green environment. The following features turn this house into a standout.

  • inviting balcony in an elevated scheme with floor natural marble tiles in grey color, and prominent pillars with accents of natural brown and grey stones
  • big sliding glass doors, sidelites and green-tinted glass panels in white aluminum casements installed in all elevations
  • exterior façade in a blend of various shades of blue
  • exterior wall in mineral plaster finish with light blue paint
  • cross hip roof in a matching blue tone as well
  • inviting walkway
  • garden and landscaping

Picture of Elevated Bungalow House Design with Blue Shades

House Specifications and Floor Plan

A magnetic bungalow house, it features the following specifications: balcony, living room, dining and kitchen, prayer room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and washing space.

The layout is simple, compact, and very functional. A balcony offers the entrance to the living room through glass doors with the dining and kitchen sitting in front. Meanwhile, the master’s bedroom with a private T&B sits at the left of the living room while the secondary bedrooms occupy the right side of the plan. The other bathroom owns its space at the left corner on the back of the design. Additionally, there is a prayer room sitting between the kitchen and one secondary bedroom. Meanwhile, the inviting walkway can serve as a temporary parking space.

Indeed, living in a blue house in the middle of a garden lawn will be unique with a different level of serenity.

Credit to: ThaiDrawing



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