Exceptional One Storey Residential House

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Our lives are not defined by the house we’re living in. Sometimes, we want to breathe fresh air which we know that city life cannot offer. A place that is serene and quiet is best for health. This exceptional one storey residential house looks strange and uncommonly seen around the corners of most housing locations. Nevertheless, it stands unique and functional.

If we are given a chance to pick our dream house, this unit will definitely one that will not win the heart of most homeowners. Obviously, the house in feature lacks the aesthetic appeal or elegance of the exterior. Moreover, it doesn’t possess the grace and charm which are common characteristics of most houses. Furthermore, the color choice is dry and boring. However, a house is not all being graceful and charming.

Picture of Exceptional One Storey Residential House

Description of Exceptional One Storey Residential House

The featured house is a representation that functions and benefits are few of the most powerful characteristics of a house. This will be best for families who want to stay in a quiet place especially if it’s in the middle of a garden lawn.  Undeniably, you will enjoy the most of a healthy environment in this type of house and setting.

A front verandah, a back terrace, and a prominent roof deck justify that this house offers real comfort. Similarly, not to mention the spacious surrounding of green environment that equally supply complete coziness to the building. Additionally, the wall-sized glasses around the perimeter are tremendously impressive with respect to function. A perfect vacation or retreat house for people who like serenity and freedom.

The following characteristics prove to make this residence a standout.

  • elevated verandah with brown marble tiles and steel railings
  • terrace at the back with wooden bench and similar floor tiles and railings as the verandah
  • wall-sized sliding glass doors and an enormous quantity of window glass panels installed in all elevations which are a great medium for ventilating the interior
  • exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in white paint and grey shade on the bottom border
  • well-defined steel staircase to the roof deck
  • inviting and airy roof deck with a perimeter fence that is perfect for family gatherings, entertainment, and other family-related activities

The overall exterior façade is a definition of prominence, strength, and character with a mix of white, brown, and grey shades.

Picture of Exceptional One Storey Residential House

House Specifications and Floor Plan

A very exceptional and dramatic residence, the unit stands in a lot that measures 8.0 x 12.5 meters. It has the following specifications – spacious verandah and terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and parking space.

Picture of Exceptional One Storey Residential House

A distinct house of magnetic character, the house features a spacious verandah which is a perfect entrance to the living room through sliding glass doors. The verandah also serves as an extension of the living room and receiving area for guests and visitors. The dining room and kitchen sit in front of the living room. Meanwhile, the private zone of two bedrooms occupies the right side of the design with the bathroom in between them. There is a spacious parking space in front of the building.

To sum up, aside from being a residential house, this is also ideal as a vacation house and venue for family gatherings and entertainment. The house itself, the location, setting, and atmosphere suggest that it is a perfect place for comfort.

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