Fine-looking Small Two Bedroom House Design

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Has building your own home crossed your mind? What necessary factors are at stake for consideration? Well, the first thing to check is your finances and everything will follow accordingly. Of course, if you’re on a tight budget, a smaller home will be a smart decision. Therefore, here is one plan that will probably hit your heart and pocket – a small two bedroom house design that is fine-looking.

If you may ask, small houses are the latest craze in town. This is a consequence of the increasing popularity and demand of the idea of minimalism. Small houses mean lesser expenses, lesser maintenance, and an easier way of reselling. Since you have a smaller size, then you only purchase the necessary stuff to fill in the space. Consequently, you can save some for other necessities in life.

Picture of Fine-looking Small Two Bedroom House Design

Description of Fine-looking Small Two Bedroom House Design

The house in feature is affordable with complete amenities like every house has. This house is very ideal for a small family or a couple who is starting a family. The house owns a simple exterior design with a small elevated porch with a flat roof of its own. Moreover, the external façade gleams with a combination of wall cladding in grey color that delivers a unique style.

Meanwhile, the house is provided with enough glass window panels in brown aluminum casements with canopies to ventilate the interior. Additionally, the exterior walls stand with mineral plaster finish with cream paint. As can be seen, the exterior façade looks cool and pleasant with a blend of cream, grey, and brown shades.

House Specifications and Floor Plan

This fine-looking two bedroom plan boasts a very functional layout despite its size. Its specifications include the porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and washing area.

The unit is built in a lot that measures 9.48 x 8.16 meters with a usable building space of 78.30 sq. meters. It begins with a small porch that connects to the interior through a wooden door. The living spaces settle at the left part, while the private zone occupies the right side of the design. The living spaces form an L-shape arrangement with the spacious living room in the middle. The dining area has direct access to the kitchen making the serving of food effortless. Meanwhile, the two bedrooms with individual T&B occupy the opposite corners on the right side.

To sum up, this graceful house with an affordable budget could satisfy most homeowners.

Credit to: Homepictures


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