Gorgeous Single Story house with 3D Floor Plan

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Although this 3D floor plan is only 80 square meter in terms of floor area, looking at it in a birds eye view feels more spacious. The designer carefully planned to create different spaces more efficient in such a limited space. Wooden dividers and bookshelves are carefully placed to create a divided room where you can store different belongings.

This single story house with 80 sq.m. has two bedrooms, one toilet and bath and interesting layout and interior design utilizing different colors on walls different accent pieces like chair and tables.

In the living room, the designer for this small home used different wall textures and colors to define different spaces. Distinguishing it from the kitchen, the living room back wall is a fun faux wallpaper.


At the right wall is a nice light blue paint where a flat television can comfortably hang together with a brown wood grained cabinet to store books and plant base. The 2 windows at the back provide enough light to illuminate the living room. Accent pieces of yellow colored chairs and light stand is a good choice to go with a blue couch.


Interesting area to be creative especially when you have a limited space. The light green accent wall on the right will be noticed at first glance. making this room serve different purposes, the desk on either side of the room serves as small office where you can perform some computer stuff. An open bookshelf from one of the desk divides the room with a green couch seating at the back.



Did you see a crib? Yes, this room can also serve as a nursery room. On the ceiling is a large white organic light fixtures hangs in this space and helps define it as separate from the office. This room is purposely design for mom and dad who wants to be with their baby while doing some office works to cope with quality time with family.




On this narrow hallway the bedroom door opens to this space which can serve as a balcony. This room is also accessible from the office, nursery and seating area. The one side of the wall is provided with aluminum framed windows, art on the other wall low cabinet or shelves to organize and store stuffs with wood planks flooring.


Combination of rustic tiles and mosaic blue colored tiles on walls of this bathroom is a very good choice with blue accent walls. Left side consists of the bath tub separated by a glass wall with the counter-top lavatory. Blue colored storage cabinet beneath the counter where you can put towels and toiletries. The right side is a storage wooden cabinet for additional store and a wall hung lavatory.


this bedroom is a work of art due to the free style paints on the walls, hanging lights instead of a standard lamp shade. Instead of using a traditional bookshelf, this bedroom allows for more floor space because of the floating shelves, with books arrange with the wall to look like an art.


On this angle of the bedroom, the wall in front of the bed is a wall paper with birds artwork. it is also provided with floating wooden shelves, again to create more space on the floor. The right side wall is provided with a sliding aluminum framed glass door with green and brown curtain combination matching the bedding perfectly.

Although this 3d floor plan seems to be small for many, this is only a reference or inspiration for those who cannot afford bigger house for their dream home someday.

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