How to Save Money When Buying Furniture

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It’s probably that time of the year again; home renovations are well underway and you’re changing everything. There is just one small thing to take care of, but it turns out that “small ” thing is probably going to cost you a little fortune. Furniture is the sole focus of the home; it’s an essential part of the interior, and often the whole interior design is made around furniture and how to best color match the walls, the kitchen desk, the coffee table, and everything else with it. But does it really have to match the cost of the whole renovation? There has to be an easier way. Well, there are a few hacks and ways to save some money while buying your dream piece of furniture and most people don’t know anything about them or simply don’t know where to look or who to ask. So, in the text below, we’ll discuss some ways to save money while buying what essentially makes your house a home.

Plan and Budget

Everything starts with this crucial step, and everything ends with it. Planning your budget simply makes you prioritize the pieces of furniture that are an absolute must. The thing is, when you have money to spend, it’s a normal human tendency to simply buy everything that seems nice or that you might use at some point in the future. What we don’t understand is the fact that most pieces are not worth the money, while others are probably going to create more mass than do any good to your interior. So, before you get ahead of yourself and start buying everything on some website, sit down, get a pen and paper, and make a simple list while adhering to the budget you have. This way, you’ll get just the essentials that you need without buying that 500-dollar lamp just because it changes colors on voice command. Create a detailed list specifying the types of furniture, their intended use, and a realistic price range for each item.

Research and Compare Prices

We often tend to oversimplify shopping and believe following our gut and intuition does the trick. It does, but it’s also a great way to spend more money than initially intended. Why? Simple marketing. Most companies are offering you different prices for different items, and although some items seem below the market average, you’ll probably think that’s the case with everything else they have to offer. So, you buy everything, and later on, you find out that the same item costs 20% less than what you paid at some other retailer. Going from website to website, looking through everything Google search has to offer, and making lists of prices is a real money saver and is what we call “smart shopping” as opposed to “instant shopping”.

Special sales % Consider Second-Hand Options

Another thing to look out for is special sales. Now these are real bangers! If you’re planning a home renovation, try to adjust it to a nearby holiday, as there is a great probability some special sales are happening around that time of the year. One of the best times to buy is the 4th of July Furniture Sale, a national holiday celebrated by everyone and retailers are giving the best deals and offers around that date. And if you’re asking how companies can afford such low prices, think of the numbers they sell. It’s all about quantity; the more they sell, the better, even if the margins are low. Next time you’re planning to buy furniture, make sure to keep an eye open for those special Christmas, Thanksgiving, and July 4th sales before making the final decision.

Consider Second-Hand Options

Are you ready for a real treasure hunt? Then it’s time for a special second-hand furniture quest! Most people would probably regard secondhand options as a bad idea when it comes to furniture, but most pieces are made to last at least a decade and many people out there simply get tired of them after a few years. While the furniture has a lot of life in it, somehow it ends up in a landfill, never to be seen again. We recommend giving secondhand options a chance. You can find amazing pieces for an amazing price, and you’ll be amazed at what people throw away or simply don’t use anymore.

And if you’re worried about a few stains here and there, paying for a deep clean of the furniture or even someone to restore it will probably still cost you less than buying a new one. There is also a chance to find some vintage pieces that are not manufactured anymore, which gives you a real chance to have something unique and authentic that nobody else has. You can make your home look contemporary while saving some money! Plus, second-hand furniture often comes with a few extra props, as most owners throw in a lamp or something else to make the bargain more appealing. Give it a try!

DIY and Upcycling

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and upcycling can transform old or inexpensive furniture into stylish and functional pieces. With some creativity and effort, you can refurbish second-hand items or outdated pieces you already own. Plus, it’s a great way to make a fun game out of it, engaging the whole family and giving everyone a chance to give the furniture its special touch and unique appearance. The important thing is that the structure is still solid. For example, in the case of your old couches, if nothing is squeaking or making any noises, replacing the padding will probably do the trick. The same goes for other pieces of furniture; for example, you can decorate your old lamp and give it some color with a new design pattern. The options are countless.

Opt for Multi-Functional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture saves you money simply by being multifunctional. Some pieces of furniture might just be two or three of them in one, saving you the trouble of buying each separately. For example, sofa beds, storage ottomans, and extendable dining tables offer versatility and functionality. The idea is to maximize their utility and buy a few pieces to cover all your needs, instead of buying a dozen of them and still lacking a few. It’s a great way to save money while the furniture is getting the job done!

It doesn’t have to be expensive; it’s all about your mindset and how you approach furniture buying. As we said, if you plan and give the shopping some thought, you’ll get the best deals and offers for a fraction of what they would usually cost.

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