Impressive Bungalow House in Compact Design

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Small houses can also offer lots of benefits. I believe that most homeowners would like to have a bigger house, but unfortunately, not all of us are privileged. Actually, our financial capacity will decide on what we can only avail. Therefore, the smaller our budget is, the smaller our house will be. This blog offers a simple bungalow house in compact design where in spite of the size, is very impressive.

Anyway, it is not the size, but what you fill in your home. Remember that there are real benefits to living in a small house?  Bigger houses are definitely impressive and offer better comfort when compared to simple homes. However, whatever the size is, the functions of the house are what really matter.

Picture of Impressive Bungalow House in Compact Design

Description of Impressive Bungalow House in Compact Design

The house in feature is the answer to the needs of a small family who has limited financial resources. This design saves you money that you can spare for other needs. Moreover, in terms of benefits, it will be easier to clean and can help build and strengthen relationships among family members, Furthermore, a small house encourages you to live a simpler life.

The exterior wears a simple but charming design. In fact, the use of a blend of grey and brown shades offers charm and coolness. This is one unit that delivers a high degree of comfort. The front exterior shines with wall-sized glasses and cement lath on the wall with darker grey paint. Additionally, the white cornice on the top of the canopy under the eaves created an extra appeal.

Picture of Impressive Bungalow House in Compact Design

Furthermore, to provide consistency, the exterior walls are treated with mineral plaster finish also in grey color. For its part, the roof gleams in a combined design of a flat roof on the right side and a shed roof on the left part of the house. The combination though registers a stunning design with grey roofing, white ceilings, and brown outline.

The backside elevation offers a different degree of comfort with an assembly of wooden planks which ventilates the space with light and air. Consequently, the kitchen feels airy making cooking activities more enjoyable.

House Specifications and Floor Plan

A simple one storey house, it contains only a few rooms, a terrace, living room, dining room and kitchen, one bedroom and one bathroom.

Picture of Impressive Bungalow House in Compact Design

This unit offers a terrace that introduces the living room via wall-sized glass doors. The combined dining and kitchen sit in front of the living room. Meanwhile, the bedroom and the bathroom occupy the left side of the plan. The cemented space in front of the house serves as an extension of family activities and parking at the same time.

This is one unit that delivers a high degree of comfort. The exterior overflows with a lovely garden and landscaping, while the interior exudes a similar level of coziness with wall-sized glass doors and windows.

Credit to: Naibann



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