Installing A Waterproof TV In Your Home

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Are you planning to install a waterproof TV for your bathroom or kitchen?

Improving your kitchen or a bathroom is considered a huge investment. From installing a new bathtub and wall to wall tile setup to large pantry cabinets and a kitchen sink, there are a lot of improvements you can do to your kitchen.

If you want to take the improvements and renovations to a whole new level, you should consider installing a waterproof TV for your bathroom or kitchen. However, if you are considering the idea of a waterproof TV in your home, you have a lot to think about.

Bathroom TV

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There are a lot of waterproof TV for your home available on the market. Choosing the best one depends on a lot of factors, including what part of your home you are planning to mount it, the size of the space, and what are the contents you are planning to watch.

To help you in making the best decision, here are tips and guidance on installing a waterproof TV to your home.

Bath Tub TV

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Safety First!

If you are planning to have electronics near water, you must ensure that everything passes all the relevant safety test. They should also be compliant with EU certifications for you and your family’s safety.

Sink TV

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Do You Want A Mirrored Finish?

A mirror finish can add sophistication and sleek style to your home, especially in your bathroom. However, it can also affect your viewing experience. A mirrored waterproof TV has a semi-reflective coating applied to the class. Once the TV is turned off, you can use it as a mirror.

Because of this, the efficiency is sacrificed. The mirror is not fully reflective while the TV screen is not clear and bright, which can affect your viewing experience. A mirrored bathroom TV is a great choice if you want to maximize spare and you want your screen do to double duty.

Mirrored TV

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The Size Matters

If you want to completely relax while soaking in your bathtub and watching a film and you want to mount your waterproof TV at the end of your tub, you need to assess the available space.

For the space at the end of your bathtub and you only have regular space available, you should be looking for a waterproof TV that is 17 to 27 inches in range. If you have a larger sized bathroom, you can increase the size of the TV to 27 to 32 inches.

Sink TV

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The Space Where You Will Hang The Waterproof TV

The type of waterproof TV installation depends on the model and the manufacturer. To know where you want to hang your TV, lie down in the bathtub. This will help you in determining the sightline and you can decide where you are going to mount the TV.

Once you have chosen the right spot, check to see if it is possible to drill a hole in the wall. You need to also determine if it is safe to secure the cables and if it is away from the water.

Are you now decided to install a waterproof TV in your house?

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