Interior Design of Modern Bungalow House Plan

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Generally, budget is the most important factor in deciding what house to build or buy. Secondly, the location where you feel is most convenient for the family. Since financial status is significant, then families should make sure that every penny spent is worth it. What type of house would be best to acquire then? Consider this modern bungalow house plan with an amazing interior design as your reference.

Once you complete the house selection, decide on the design both interior and exterior by integrating your personality, lifestyle, and needs. Similarly, the size will inform you indirectly as to the furniture and other stuff to fill in the space. Additionally, the choice will, of course, go with your taste and match the overall design of the house.

Picture of Comfortable One Storey 2 Bedroom House Plan

Description of Modern Bungalow House Plan

Today, we are featuring a house in a modern style, small and warm that is suitable for a small family. Let us now identify its significant features. A modern style single story house, it has a small porch which is slightly raised and two assemblies of shed roofs constructed in opposite direction. The exterior elevation offers wall-sized glass doors and slim rectangular glass windows both with white aluminum casements.

Picture of Comfortable One Storey 2 Bedroom House Plan

An additional style and character are visible through prominent pillars with brown sandstone tiles decorated with bright lamps. The unit includes a balcony in a good size with stainless steel and wood railings. The elevated stairs gleam with beautiful tiles in grey color.

The bottom base strands proud with dark brown paint and white stucco cornice. A sufficient amount of window glass panels on other elevations allow the house to be ventilated by enough light and air.

Picture of Comfortable One Storey 2 Bedroom House Plan

Interior Concepts of Modern Bungalow House Plan

The interior of the house looks bright with the walls painted in blue, with a contrast color of dark brown in the lower border. The flooring shines with cream marble tiles.

Picture of Comfortable One Storey 2 Bedroom House Plan

The ceilings shine outstandingly with cream, paint, and lights on the perimeter.

Elsewhere, the decorations of both bedrooms are with similar touch as the living room. The first bedroom room has glass panes for ventilation, making the room feel humid being exposed to the outside light. On the other hand, the other bedroom has slim rectangular glass window panels.

Meanwhile, the modern kitchen enjoys a free-flowing concept with the living room to save some space and to increase the level of mobility. The interior looks wider by simply installing a counter with a wall covered with white brick patio tiles.

The bathroom may look small, but the ceiling is quite high so the space also feels comfortable. The bathroom also looks graceful with a good selection of cream and brown-colored floor tiles and genuine quality sanitary wares.

To sum up, the design may be small, but the overall appearance and finesse make this home bigger than its actual size.

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