Landscaping Solutions For Your Dream Garden

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Striving to get solutions to some problem areas in your landscape?

Well, you are not alone. Every landscape has its problem area, and you will certainly face some hiccups as you work towards your dream garden. The good news is that most of this, if not all problems have solutions. Whether it is a muddy patch, a steep slope, a rocky area or even too much sun, there are quite a number of landscaping solutions you can use to get the problem solved.

Below are some of the problems most people face and their potential solutions to get them solved.

Common landscaping problems and their possible solutions

Rocky gardens

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Rocky gardens happen to be one of the most common problems scenarios encountered by many.  You can choose to excavate such areas and buy topsoil for planting turf. Try getting the topsoil and mulch from reputable companies such as the renowned TC Tippers.

However, if your area is too rocky, you should try to use the rocks to your advantage rather than getting rid of them. You can plant some drought-resistant trees and shrubs to form a xeriscape.

Soil erosion for a hilly garden

There are two solutions you can use to counter this problem. One, you can plant some cover plants. These plants will hold on the soil and help reduce erosion. However, this is more time consuming and might require a lot of maintenance.

The other method is setting up a rock garden. Here, you will only require to purchase rock or gravel to cover your soil.  You can approach some of the best gravel selling companies. Again TC Tippers is recommended for the best gravel solutions. Click for delivery details.

Wet Spots

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Kind of a swimming pool in your garden? Then there is a drainage problem that you will have to deal with.

Having water around creates lots of risks such as potential accidents and damage to the foundation of your house. A French drain can serve well for this purpose. Other solutions are leveling your garden to create a surface slope to carry the water away when it rains. You can also grow some wetland plants in the area after draining the water.

If the wet area is not large to pose any risks, you can choose to add sand, gravel or stones just to cover up and avoid having a muddy area.


Can your neighbors see everything you do in your garden? Then you’ve got some privacy problem to deal with. At times, people try fixing this by setting up walls, which happens to be expensive and also affecting the aesthetics of their garden negatively.

You should, therefore, consider working with a pro to help you find the most suitable cost saving solution to your privacy problem.

Bottom line

No matter what challenge you are facing you can still have your dream garden out of that odd looking landscape. For each of the problems, choose a solution with the least maintenance requirements to save yourself cost in the long run.

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