(Floor Plan Code # THD-2012001)

Plan Details

  • Floor Plan Code: THD-2012001
  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 2
  • Floor Area: 85 sq.m.
  • Lot Area: 60 sq.m.
  • Garage: 1
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THD-20120001 is a 3-bedroom Townhouse design. This floor plan has 1 bedroom at the ground floor with an adjacent bathroom.The 2 other bedrooms are located at the second floor sharing a common bath and also having their own built-in cabinets.The ground floor also houses the living room,dining/kitchen and service area.

This type of floor plan is simple as it can be seen here since the shape is only rectangular having a minimum lot frontage of 4.0 meters and 15.0 meters depth not including an open garage.

This row house design is typical for Filipinos who have plans on investing on real estate or apartments. If you have a lot having an area of 300 sq.m., you can already build a 5-door townhouse which can be rented or sold at very affordable price.



Budget in different Finishes.  Values shown here are rough estimate for each finishes and for budgetary purposes only. Budget already includes Labor and Materials and also within the range quoted by most builders. Budget Currency is in Philippine Peso (PHP).

Rough Finished Budget 1,020,000 1,190,000
Semi Finished Budget 1,360,000 1,530,000
Conservatively Finished Budget 1,700,000 1,870,000
Elegantly Finished Budget 2,040,000 2,380,000










Row houses


Townhouse designs in the Philippines are often offered as a real estate for monthly amortization. Because if its style, land ans house developers take advantage of all lot spaces since it is normally fire-walled on both sides. Usually middle class families and average earning Filipinos avail of this due to low monthly amortizations  which can be paid in 10, 15 or 30 years depending on the buyer’s preference.

Feel free to use this townhouse design for your future plans for investing on real estates on rentals maybe.


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