Low-Cost Chic & Beautiful Small House Design

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Presently, single storey houses become one of the most popular choices of many homeowners. You look around and you will see lots of bungalow houses that are enormously popping everywhere like mushrooms. The featured house we have today is a low-cost chic and beautiful house design that will suit a wide range of individuals, essentials, and lifestyles.

Remarkably, most of the houses we see around are smaller houses. Some people decide to start living small once they find that there are many advantages to downsizing. Normally, a smaller home costs less, thus, saving some money to spend for other necessary house needs. The house in feature is a one storey house design which will fit to suit many households with limited finances.

Picture of Low-Cost Chic and Beautiful Small House Design

Description of Low-Cost Chic and Beautiful Small House Design

Small as it may seem, this small house is beautiful and stylish in its own style. The unit stands in a cozy environment that offers healthy living. Similarly, this unit will offer comfort and freedom to the family like any other house.

Picture of Low-Cost Chic and Beautiful Small House Design

Actually, it is not always the size that matters, but the benefits that a house brings to the family. It is small but the features and workmanship is bigger than its size. Let us check the following simple characteristics of this model house. Such features are taken care of in the Blue World City, providing all the life necessities at budget-friendly prices. The developers have ensured to offer small, cozy residential plots that are easy to afford and construct houses. You have unlimited options to develop the design of your own liking with complete freedom.

  • small open porch with a separate flat roof
  • wooden door and few glass windows with blue frames installed in appropriate locations for ventilation purposes
  • wall cladding with crazy cut natural marble stones in soft colors
  • shed roof assembly in opposite orientation with grey sheets
  • exterior wall with mineral plaster finish in cream paint
  • lovely garden and landscaping

Interior Concepts of Low-Cost Chic and Beautiful Small House Design

The Living Room

The interior concept of this house is definitely amazing. In fact, you don’t expect that a simple house would have this cool concept inside. As can be seen, the space is dressed with furniture and fixtures all in cream color. Moreover, the entire space looks cool with cream shade as well from floor to ceilings. What a pleasant atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is well-organized in grey, brown, and cream colors. Like the living room, the space shines with pleasantness.

Overall, a small residence with a lovely garden and landscaping, the comfort that the atmosphere offers is priceless.

Credit to: 3D Kh Design

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