Luxury 3 Bedrooms House Design

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This luxury 3 bedroom house plan has a total floor area of 302 square meters which is best suited for a lot area of 420 square meters. Additionally the  minimum setback on each side would be at least 1.5 meters, 6 meters at the front and 2 meters at the back.

If you are looking to build a swimming pool at the back you might at least add 10 meters so that it can accommodate a pool, sauna bath and pool deck.

This house was designed to be built in national territory, a country that during the year goes through several different temperatures while maintaining comfort and of course an unmistakable style.

With the modern style of this house, most of the wall at the second floor consist of the unitized glass facade sytem that could be clear or coated single or double glass.

Going into details with the floor plan below, the ground floor would start at the garage which can accommodate 2 cars. A small hallway will lead you to the living room when opening the main entrance at the side.

The ground floor also consists of the dining area, kitchen, storage room, laundry area, common toilet and bath serving the inside of the house and another bathroom outside at the back serving the pool users.

luxury 3 bedroom house plan

The second floor plan consists of the 3 bedrooms, each with built-in cabinets and walk-in closets and attached bathrooms. At the middle is a home theater room very suitable for relaxation and enjoyment.

Below are some of the render at night to better understand how the lighting system will affect the front facade.



  • Total Floor Area: 302 square meters
  • Width of the house: 8,70 meters
  • Length of the house: 19.55 meters
  • Lot Width:  12 meters or greater
  • Lot Depth: 35 meters or greater
  • Bedrooms/Suites: 3
  • Bathrooms: 5
  • 2 parking spaces
  • Front Setback: 5.00 meter (s)
  • Backspace: 10.05 meter (s)
  • Left side setback:  1,50 meter (s)
  • Right side setback: 1.50 meter (s)

How much would it cost to build this luxury 3 bedroom house Design?

We can only estimate the construction cost with an assumption of per unit cost usually quoted by contractors. Assuming that we want a conservatively finish budget which is ranging from 20k to 22k per square meter per 1 sq.m. floor area; the total budget would be from 6.04 million to 6.664 million pesos.

This house design may not be preferred by everyone due to its size and cost to build but there maybe other’s who are wanting to build a luxury home for them and also afford the budget. Pinoy house plans is here for you to present various designs which caters small to big budgets and from standard to luxury living.

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  • Kenny K Sun says:

    i wanted to buy this house plan. please tell me how to order and the cost of this house plan.



  • Kabeer Poosh says:

    How much it will cost if I want to get the complete & detailed designs drawings of this ?

  • Thuto says:

    I want to buy this plan please send more details of it n how much it cost. Plus estimated cost to build it

  • Is it a complete construction plan?
    How much it cost?

  • Hemu says:

    It’s a beautiful Exterior and good Interior floor planing. Can’t see the rear House view and side views.

    If you could let me know how much it will cost to purchase this plan with all dimensions and other details.

    We have to hire our own Architect and engineers to finish this plan with local codes.

    ” Ground floor bedroom would be great. ”

    Thank you.

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