Magnificent One Storey House in a Garden Lawn

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Typically, selecting a house to buy or build is complex particularly if the main problem is financial capacity. Questions like: what type and style will I choose? What lot size or where will I build one? Generally, these are few questions that every family ask themselves. For the homeowners, we are offering a small magnificent one storey house that stands outstandingly in the middle of a garden lawn for your inspiration

Picture of Magnificent One Storey House in a Garden Lawn

Undeniably, in spite of the size, this house will be loved by most homeowners because of the healthy benefits it offers. Similarly, either buying, renting or building your own house like this unit will not only bring you family-related benefits, but also abundant supply of clean air.

Picture of Magnificent One Storey House in a Garden Lawn

Description of Magnificent One Storey House in a Garden Lawn

The design featured today is a contemporary house concept with a firewall that stands in a lot that measures 4.6 x 8.0 meters. With a usable building space of 37.0 sq. meters, the excellent features make this residence big and a standout. As can be seen, the exterior façade is a revelation of grace and coolness in a fusion of cream and grey.

The following are the remarkable characteristics of Magnificent One Storey House

  • small open porch at the main entrance
  • exterior façade with natural grey stones on the lower part and cream painted wall on the upper part
  • a wooden door and glass windows in dark grey aluminum frames installed on appropriate locations
  • flat roof assembly with grey tiles and white ceilings
  • rectangular foot path around the house
  • beautiful garden and landscaping

Picture of Magnificent One Storey House in a Garden Lawn

Interior Design of Magnificent One Storey House

Exterior and interior design define the level of elegance of a certain house. In fact, as they always say, interior design makes or breaks a house. At this point, let us check the interior concepts of the modern house and identify its level of grace.

The Living Room

Just like the exterior façade, the living room sparkles with similar colors of cream and grey from floor to ceilings and the furniture as well. A green carpet registers a little touch of contrast, but created and extra appeal.

Picture of Magnificent One Storey House in a Garden Lawn Picture of Magnificent One Storey House in a Garden Lawn

The Dining Room

As can be seen, the features of the exterior and the decoration of living room are extended to the dining room that looks magnificent. Actually, the fixation and workmanship looks very refined and impressive.

The Bedrooms

Like the other spaces in the house, the bedrooms deliver consistency of character and appeal. In fact, the fusion of cream, grey and brown justifies the grace and pleasantness of the spaces. So cool, so comfortable.

The Bathroom

Meanwhile, the bathroom looks amazing with the layout, fixtures and color scheme of grey, cream and brown. You can feel the pleasantness of this room that carry the same character as the other rooms.

Overall, even with small area, with a spacious, lovely garden around this house, living will be very healthy.

Credit to: 3D Kh Design


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  • Kaye Gabrielle says:


    Can i have a floor plan for this house? I like the house its simple but elegant.

    Thank you.

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