Modern and Relaxing Single Floor Home

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Popular designs of houses today are composed of modern style designs. These are simple designs which provide comfort and relaxation to the homeowners. This single home provides you plenty of spaces to move around while still ensuring the privacy of your family. 

Are you searching for a budget-friendly house for your small family? How about a single floor design? These days, single floor homes are popular. Other than being compact, single floor homes are easier to maintain and provides a bigger living space for the family.

Take a look at the design portfolio of below to show some details of what a modern yet relaxing home should look like.

This home is a single floor home. The roof is in darker shade while the outer walls are white. The combination of the brown and brick decorations around the house, as well as the color scheme, give it a more dimensional look. The windows of the house are made of clear glass with white borders to increase the ventilation inside the house. It also helps diffuse natural light from the outside of the house, making it appear bigger and feel cooler inside.

Interior design is very simple. The walls and ceilings are all painted white to make it easier to choose the variety of furniture pieces. The small kitchen has a gray color scheme, with the kitchen countertop in stone black marble accent. There are also mezzanine cabinets to keep the kitchen neat and organized as well as a range hood to keep the smell of food away from the house.

This simple and modern house is complete with a front patio, a parking area, living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open space kitchen. The total living area is 102 square meters.


Take a closer look at the interiors of the actual house.


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  • Violeta says:

    I needed to know if you build a house on my property in Sogod Southern Leyte. How much it cost? For a one story house with a deck on roof top 2 bedrooms 2 baths.

    • Pinoy Eplans says:

      Hi Violeta, We are not contractor or builder, we only showcase house designs here at pinoy eplans as reference for fellow Filipinos wanting to build their own house……

      • Brian says:

        Pinoy Eplans,

        Can you give Violeta my email address if you could please? It’s I’m sure she’s one of my Mom’s relatives. I just don’t have a way of contacting here. I was browsing your awesome designs and I read her comment and I decided to take this opportunity to maybe get in touch with her. Thank you Eplans.

    • Brian says:


      Where in Sogod are you? My Mom is from Sogod also. Check her FB, maybe you know her. We are here in Houston and we’ve been looking for her relatives all over.

  • Terrance Botha says:

    We are going to retire towards the end of the year and now we are interested in your designs. Jeffreysbay or Mosselbay.
    Pls email us with ideas, we are looking for low maintenance houses

  • KHOEU says:

    I want to buy it’s blue print

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