Modern Concrete Rest House Plan with Carport

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Life is not all about the pleasure of living under the city lights. Sometimes, we just can’t take the noisy sounds of the metropolis at least for a while. You are not trying to escape the demands of a routine, but just to have a little time with serenity.  Well, why don’t you fly for a vacation and take a temporary shift to some reflection? A perfect place is to book a date with our featured house today – a modern concrete resort house plan where you can enjoy the fresh air with a relaxing atmosphere.

Picture of Modern Concrete Rest House Plan with Carport

Description of Modern Concrete Rest House Plan with Carport

As can be seen, a one story house which is perfect for a vacation is meant for a pleasant stay away from the city. The house, setting, location, and ambiance define an absolute haven for a temporary escape from the monotony of boredom. The house is neither elegant nor charming, but there is something mysterious in its character and appeal. In fact, the exterior façade is very raw and plan in concrete finish.

Simple as it is, it features an elevated terrace with grey marble tiles, white painted steel railings, and a concrete slab roof. The front façade has a wooden door and glass window panels in dark grey aluminum casements.

Picture of Modern Concrete Rest House Plan with Carport

Meanwhile, the exterior walls are in plain concrete finish with a bottom border in grey paint.

The carport in high ceiling layout looks very prominent with concrete columns painted in grey and a well-designed shed roof in grey shade with a brown fascia board.

House Specifications and Floor Plan

Since it is a rest house, the plan only contains a terrace, one big space that can serve as a living room and bedroom at the same time. A dining and kitchen can be provided in the space beside the bathroom. The terrace and spacious carport on the right side can serve as an extension of the living room for relaxation and entertaining friends and guests.

To sum up, vacation means comfort and freedom. The house with a high ceiling offers more light and air make this unit very comfortable. Similarly, the setting and green atmosphere which on its own, supplies sufficient pleasantness to this modern rest house. Absolute pleasure and comfort are what this house offers.

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