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Is it possible for you to develop your single storey house and change it into something bigger, especially if your family is getting bigger too? Yes, that is possible.

Let’s take a look at this house plan for today. This modern half-house is a semi-detached house which was developed from a single storey house. This house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious garage that can fit two cars. It also has a large storage area and is built to support earthquakes and floods.

This home features big, door-sized windows to allow more ventilation inside the house. It also allows you to customise your home that can fit your needs.



Here is the floor plan of the house:



Upon entry to the house, you will immediately see the living room that is attached to the dining hall. Instead of a traditional kitchen and dining room, this house has an open concept dining and cooking areas. The first bedroom is also on the first floor.

The second floor is the relaxation part of the house. There are two bedrooms and a common bathroom. One of the bedrooms located in the front part of the house has an attached toilet and bath.



This home also has two separate verandas and a working area that can be used as a laundry area too.

What makes this floor plan unique is that you can customise the different parts of the house. If you want to make a two bedroom home, you can cut the walls of the living room to get a more spacious living room area.



What do you think about customizable homes? Do you think having more control in the construction of your home is better?

If you want to see more modern house plans, feel free to check other plans from Pinoy ePlans!

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