Modern One-Storey House With Two Bedrooms

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Maintaining a high-end and multiple storey homes can be difficult, especially if you only have a small family or you are tight on the budget. If you prefer to have a house that is still modern style house without spending too much or having too much livable space, this house plan is a must for you.

This house comes with a modern style theme. It focuses on space, where every inch in the house has a value.

This one-story house’s exterior is painted in dark gray hues, with red bricks as wall accents to give the house dimensions. It also has a front terrace, which can be used as a relaxation corner or the entry way to meet guests. It also highlights the exterior of the house.

The house is situated in the middle of a large lawn, which can be turned into a small garden and can also be changed into a garage for a small city car.

The house is also surrounded by windows to allow the natural flow of light and air for ventilation and lighting.

This modern one-storey house consists of two bedrooms, a toilet and bath, a living room, a dining area, a kitchen, and a small working area.

Here is the floor plan of the house:

Compared with other modern houses, this one-storey house is different since it values space more than anything else. The living room is attached to the dining area, which is next to the kitchen. The common toilet and bath are strategically located in the middle of the two rooms for easy access. Plus, a small working area, which can also be used as a laundry area, is located at the back of the house.

This modern house is a suitable home setup for people who still want a modern house minus the unnecessary spaces and budget that comes along with it. It still promotes relaxation and comfort for the whole family, too.

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