Modern One Story Home with Roof Deck

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This modern one story home with roof deck has 2 bedrooms ( master’s bedroom, common bedroom). Garage and Porch or sit-out are the front-liners having a gable roof for the garage and roof slab for the Porch. Elevated in 3 steps, the living area is grand, Kitchen located at the left side together with small storage room.

Dining is next to the kitchen also positioned in the middle which opens to the work area at the back. This modern one story home with roof deck was taken from for inspiration and can be reference in designing a new Filipino style home.

Going to the roof deck is stair in between the 2 bedrooms which is a good place to stay at night to relax before going to bed for a good night sleep. It can also be a place as a venue for small gatherings like birthdays or small family re-union.


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