Modern One Story House Design That Promotes Efficiency and Space

This modern one story house is ideal if you have elderly or small children. [Image Credit: Plan Modern Home] Tags: , ,
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If having a multiple story house is not for you, you have a choice and can opt for a single story house. This single story house is big enough to still provide relaxation and space for the family. It has three bedrooms and three toilets and bath and is designed to be modern in style. The materials used in this house are all modern and highlights the unique shape of the whole house.

The level of elevation is not very high, and it allows an easy climb up, especially for the elderly and children. It is designed to fit a large family as it has three bathrooms and a balcony where the family can sit outside, have snacks or do recreational activities. This house is also built to surpass earthquakes.

The exterior of the house is focused on emphasizing the airiness of the home. There are big glass windows surrounding the home to allow natural light and air inside the house.

Features of This Modern Single Story Home

  • The space is divided into a wide area and to maximise the whole floor area.
  • Designed for a tropical or hot country. There are a lot of windows to help the whole house ventilate well.
  • The elevation is not very high to allow elderly to go in and out of the house with ease.
  • Helps prevent moisture from the soil, the number one reason for termites that can shorten the age of the house.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Designed to support an earthquake.

Here is the floor plan of the house:

Upon entry to the house, you can immediately see the spacious living area. The dining area is in a separate space with the open kitchen. Each room also has an attached toilet and bath. There is also a provision for an altar.

This modern one-story house is a good replacement for a multi-story house. It is a great home to have especially if your family is living with an elderly or you have smaller children. This minimises accidents while still promoting space and relaxation.

How do you find this modern one story house? If you are interested to see more house plans, feel free to check other plans from Pinoy ePlans.

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  • ed price says:

    hi, interested in this design. would you forward the means to purchase the design and inform me of the costs associated with this build?

  • Rina Dungao says:

    Hi Pinoy E-Plans, I am interested in the design of this house. Could you kindly provide me more details about cost for the plan, square footage necessary for the building of the house, etc. Thank you.–Rina

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