Modern Resort Type House with Stilt Concept

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Do you want to escape from the noisy sounds of the metropolis? Well, leave the city for a while and find some freedom and serenity somewhere else. I can recommend experiencing life in this modern resort type house. Actually, this house is built with a stilt concept, the type which is common in most coastal and subtropical regions.

Some of the benefits of stilt houses are opening up the view and giving stability on unstable lands. Similarly, they are good at protecting against floods and helping with ventilation. Furthermore, a house with a stilts design will naturally stand taller than adjacent houses.

Picture of Modern Resort Type House with Stilt Concept

Description of Modern Resort Type House with Stilt Concept

The featured stilt house stands in a floor area of 58.0 sq. meters, with a dimension of 8.0 x 7.0 meters. A small house, this will be best as a family vacation home for special occasions and to experience a change of environment and atmosphere. The design is very raw and simple with the exterior façade built with plain concrete finish and brick walls. Simple as it looks like, the house still delivers a unique appeal with three steps elevation, cladding blinds in grey color and wooden clerestory.

A comfortable unit, it has a glass door and few glass windows to offer ventilation inside the house. Similarly, the green environment can also offer plenty of light and air for ventilation as well. This house will stand the heat and rain as protective roofs cover the entire structure, a flat roof at the balcony and bedroom and a metal shed roof for the rest of the space.

Picture of Modern Resort Type House with Stilt Concept

The model house is considered small but has complete functions for a reception or a private vacation house. It stands proud with the following specifications: front balcony, a hall, one bedroom, dining and kitchen, one bathroom, and a back terrace. Actually, the balcony can function as receiving space for friends and guests. Meanwhile, the terrace at the back can serve multiple functions like relaxation, entertainment venue, or informal diner.

To sum it up, this modern resort type house design is one that is best for vacationers. In some ways, they can feel comfort and freedom in a different atmosphere.

Credit to: ThaiDrawing



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