Modern Single Storey, Resort Style Home

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Are you tired of looking for a house for your family? If you have a small to medium-sized family, having a two-storey house might not be a good idea. Don’t worry, our house plan for today is suitable for your needs.

This modern style, single storey resort house is a small house with two bedrooms, two toilet, and baths and is suitable for a small to medium-sized family. This modern, resort style home has an emphasis on modern style.

The layout of the home is airy. There a lot of big windows surrounding the house to allow natural light and air for ventilation and light transfer in the whole house. It also has a spacious terrace, perfect to be used for living, nature, and family activities. This is a modern single-storey house with distinctive design and shape and the living space is very useful for the whole family.


This home is designed on a high platform. It has high floor design, with 1.5 meters in high, which can prevent flooding. You can also make a large storage room, without worrying about the things inside from being wrecked during floods.

It also has a large terrace to welcome guests that you can also turn into a sitting area or a balcony. You can also turn it into a washing area or cooking area during the weekends, too.


Here is the floor plan of the house:

The floor plan for this single storey house is very simple and straightforward. Upon entering the entryway, you will immediately see the living area attached to the dining hall and the kitchen. There are two bedrooms across each other: the smaller bedroom, which is the perfect size for your children and the Master’s bedroom with an attached toilet and bath.

Overall, this house consists of a living room, a dining hall, a kitchen, a bedroom, a Master’s bedroom with attached toilet and bath, a common toilet and bath, and a spacious terrace.


This modern, single storey house is a decent size house especially if you prefer a smaller home for your small size family. It has all the rooms that you need and each space are liveable.

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