One Storey House with Natural Veneer Stones

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To own a house is probably one of the most precious investments a family could have. Correspondingly, there are lots of factors to consider before buying or building one. Basically, the pocket will be the ultimate factor to determine the type of house, location, and related elements to purchase a unit. In the meantime, this article recommends this one storey house that looks impressive with veneer stores and a well-defined hip roof.

When you finally decide to build your own house, the layout is perhaps the most substantial factor to consider. Undoubtedly, the size of the space is a secondary factor as the layout is dependent on the size. Moreover, introducing your lifestyle and character will be the basis of the layout.

Picture of One Storey House with Natural Veneer Stones

Description of One Storey House with Natural Veneer Stones

This time, our featured house oozes with a great appeal that will definitely win the hearts of most homeowners. A perfect representation of a modern house, the exterior features alone, burst with character. As can be seen, the overall workmanship is very refined and tidy with the display of contemporary lines visible in every aspect. Besides, this house shows off a balance and proportion with mirror images on both sides of the front elevation, with the doors as the object of symmetry.

Picture of One Storey House with Natural Veneer Stones

The following characteristics labeled this house as one of the elegant houses around:

  • elevated terrace dressed with natural veneer stones in brown color, dark brown steel railings, and an extended hip roof
  • prominent pillars with an accent of light brown natural veneer stones
  • wall-sized green-tinted glass doors and sidelites with dark brown aluminum, frames
  • green-tinted glass window panels in white aluminum casements installed on appropriate locations
  • bottom border accented with light brown natural veneer stones
  • exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in grey paint
  • beautiful landscaping

The most remarkable feature of this house is the prominence and refinement of the hip roof assembly with grey tiles.

Picture of One Storey House with Natural Veneer Stones

Interior Concepts of One Storey House

The Hallway

This is the hallway that welcomes your entrance to the house. It sparkles with shiny floor marble tiles in cream color and interior walls in yellow paint. Similarly, the recessed ceilings with lightings deliver a pleasant and cozy atmosphere

The Bathrooms

Maintaining consistency of grace, the bathroom looks tidy and cool with a cream and brown color scheme. The dry and wet areas are separated by a green-tinted glass. Meanwhile, the fixtures are of genuine quality.

The wet area wall is decorated with brick-patterned tiles in a light brown tone matching the other sections of the space.

On the other hand, the other bathroom is decorated with light brown grain tiles for the flooring and light brown colored tiles for the walls. Similarly, a green-tinted glass separates the two sections like the first bathroom and using the same types of fixtures.

An elegant house with three bedrooms, living will certainly be of reasonable satisfaction for the family.

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