One Storey Modern House Plan of Smart Style

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One storey modern house plan always comes into an exceptional style. It gives more flexibility in planning than multi-level homes. This is because of their being more functional in nature. Likewise, single-level houses utilize free-flowing concepts which enhance mobility and convenience.

Actually, this house with a hip roof offers the following benefits: efficient space utilization, plenty of light to offer and aesthetically appealing. Moreover, this also provides more space for customization and at the same time is environmental-friendly.

Picture of One Storey Modern House Plan of Smart Style

Description of One Storey Modern House Plan of Smart Style

Another architectural masterpiece, this house offers real comfort. By simply staying in front of the house, you will feel the coziness of the surroundings with the landscape. The comfort also extends to the interior of the house because of the wall-sized doors and glass windows around for ventilation.  The elegance of this unit is very visible with the exterior walls in mineral plaster finish in white color with a little accent of light grey.

The carport looks impressive with strong cream pillars and a separate flat roof. Additionally, the integration of a wall cladding on light brown color shines with pride. Moreover, the house looks very prominent with multiple assemblies of hip roofs in grey tiles. Additional security is offered by a concrete fence in white paint and a steel gate.

Picture of One Storey Modern House Plan of Smart Style

Interior Concept of One Storey Modern House Plan

The coolness of the exterior of the building extends to the concepts of the exterior. If the external facade looks elegant, the interior on the other hand is graceful. The entire space shines in a sophisticated style with a blend of cream, brown and grey shades from floor to ceilings. Obviously, the furniture, fixtures, decorations, assembly and paints deliver an amazing interior concept.

House Specifications and Floor Plan of One Storey Modern House Plan

This residence proves to be a space of a high level of function and mobility. A smart design, it has the following specifications:

  • verandah
  • living room
  • dining room
  • modern kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • two-car garage
  • garden and landscaping

As can be seen, the plan divides the space into two major sections – the living spaces on the left section, and the private zone on the right side of the design. It is a free-flowing concept among the living spaces that emphasizes comfort. The three generous bedrooms sit on the three corners which offer a high level of privacy. Meanwhile, a spacious garage for two cars enjoys its freedom on the left side of the house.

Indeed, a lovely house in the middle of a garden lawn is a great structure – in functions and aesthetics.

Credit to: Naibann


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