Rain Shower Head Pros And Cons: Picking The Best Rain Shower Head In The Market

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Having the feeling of raindrops on your body every day is, in its own way, relaxing. This is the reason why rain shower heads are becoming a trend for households. Getting a shower head with the promise of giving you the same sensation as with a rain shower at the comfort of your own home is its biggest selling point. With that, there are lots of rain shower head pros and cons available, and you can’t just make up your mind on which one to pick, so we’ve come up with our choices of shower heads that should suit you.

Rain Shower

What is a Rain Shower Head?

Rain shower heads are the type of shower heads that will simulate how rain would drop naturally. Such shower heads would usually have multiple holes for different settings, depending on how wide and strong you want the spray to be.

Rain Shower Head Pros And Cons


Rain shower heads will give a spray that will almost cover the entire body, so that instead of you turning every time so an ordinary shower can hit a certain body part, rain shower heads should be able to cover that for you easily.

Provides a Comfortable Shower

Unlike a regular shower head, rain shower heads can give a soothing feeling when you are under it. Relaxing under the rain is not uncommon, and you can easily have it with a rain shower head.

Looks Great

Another rain shower head pros and cons is that it add to the aesthetic of a bathroom. Its huge head can be easily noticeable and will even add to the theme that you might have inside.

How to Pick the Best Rain Shower Head?


For a rain shower head to properly deliver its intended spray, large heads are what you’d usually find. A good rain shower head is usually around 8 to 10 inches in diameter.


You might have found the rain shower head that you want, but you would also need to see if the price is for you. Depending on your pick, you may go for one that will only deliver the simulated rain fall, which is generally affordable, or you can go with one that has a lot of settings, which can be more expensive. Always go for what your budget will allow you, and you won’t have anything to lose.

Spray Pattern

Rain shower heads can differ from just delivering a rain-like spray. Some can allow you to have a wide shower or to a concentrated spray for a quick rinse. Some may want it simple, but others would want different settings for different purposes.

Best Rain Shower Head

Best Rain Shower Heads In The Market Today

Moen S6320 Velocity

Moen S6320 Velocity

The Moen S6320 Velocity is our top pick because of its great performance despite its mid-range pricing.

The shower head is eight inches wide and is made of brass. Its shower head color can also be changed, depending on your need, in order for it to fit your bathroom’s design and color. You would also have two settings to choose from; either a soft rain-like shower, or a concentrated water spray, depending on your choice. The manufacturer also provides a lifetime warranty for it, ensuring that the Moen S6320 Velocity is a shower head that will last a long time.

Hansgrothe 27474001 Raindance

Hansgrothe 27474001 Raindance

The Hansgrothe 27474001 is the shower head that will bring the rain inside your home, or at least, inside your bathroom. With its 10-inch width, it will make sure that you’ll be soaked with its rain-like spray in no time. Made of brass, but you would have the option of either having a chrome finish, or a nickel finish, depending on what you need for your bathroom.

The shower head itself can deliver a strong spray, but its RainAir spray feature will have air and water work together so that you really will feel like walking under the rain using it.

With all the features that the Hansgrothe 27474001 has, you will still be using the same amount of water every time. Maintenance won’t be an issue, as well, with its Quick Clean feature, which prevents any lime build-up.

Elegant Rain Shower

Rain shower heads can be a big advantage to both you and the bathroom, and different shower heads can deliver different results. Just pick one depending on your budget and need, and you won’t have anything to lose.

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