Refined Exterior of Contemporary Home Design

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Residential architecture considers contemporary home design as the hottest trend nowadays. In fact, their styles are becoming more and more popular over the last decade. Everybody believes that living in a modern elegant house is truly amazing. Consequently, the feeling of ultimately getting into your dream house will be wonderful. I am very assertive that everybody will be overwhelmed if they see this featured house.

Picture of Refined Exterior of Contemporary Home Design

As time passes by, contemporary homes are getting trendier as they are perfectly matching people’s changing lifestyles. Similarly, they keep delivering a perfect blend of uniqueness. Furthermore, they are receiving more popularity these days as they demonstrate a unique way of richness and modern looks.

Picture of Refined Exterior of Contemporary Home Design

Description of Refined Exterior of Contemporary Home Design

The design proves to be an excellent modern house with the following characteristics:

  • an elevated terrace with grey marble tiles and dark brown steel railings
  • brown-tinted sliding glass doors and sidelites
  • glass window panels with dark brown frames installed in all elevations
  • transom and wall cladding with an accent of natural veneer stones in a light brown shade
  • exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in cream paint, as well as bottom border painted in grey tone
  • flat roof assembly in the terrace and garage
  • two assemblies of shed roofs of grey tiles installed in opposite direction
  • pleasant garden and landscaping

Picture of Refined Exterior of Contemporary Home Design

The featured contemporary house stands in a lot that measures 12.0 x 8.7 meters with a usable building space of 104.0 sq. meters. In fact, the façade looks very calm and clean with a blend of cool colors of grey, brown, and cream.

As can be seen from the front exterior, the roof assembly registers a balanced pattern which is impressive.

House Specifications and Floor Plan

This residence shines with the modern exterior design and complemented by a smart layout in the interior. It contains the following specifications – terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage.

As can be seen, the design gives a high level of privacy. The elevated terrace serves as a perfect entrance to the living room via sliding glass doors. The living spaces form an L-shaped arrangement with the dining room in the middle. Meanwhile, the secondary bedroom sits in the front right corner. On the other hand, the master’s bedroom with a private bathroom occupies the backside left corner. Sitting comfortably on the front left corner of the house is the two-car garage.

To sum it up, this contemporary home with a refined exterior oozes with a high degree of comfort being built in a pleasant green atmosphere and setting.

Credit to: TP5Home



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