Simple 2 Bedroom House Plan in a Garden Lawn

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Planning to buy or build your first house? What major considerations are you going to take for your decision?  In reality, whether you buy or build a house is not as simple as what you think. Well, single storey houses are the trends in today’s housing technology. For this reason, this blog offers a simple two-bedroom house plan built in the middle of a garden lawn for your consideration.

To own a house is probably, one of the most precious investments a family could have. Therefore, you have to be smart with your decision. For households who prefer a single storey house plan, the featured house has lots of benefits and advantages. These include a wider appeal, a free-flowing concept of the living spaces, and energy efficiency.

Picture of Simple Two Bedroom House Plan in a Garden Lawn

Description of Simple Two Bedroom House Plan

Certainly, being a one storey house, the overall cost of construction will be lower and the maintenance of the unit will be easier and of lower cost as well. Additionally, investment-wise, it will have a higher resale value.

The house in feature stands in a land area of dimension 7.0 x 11.0 meters, with a usable livable space of 77.0 sq. meters. The front exterior blows in a design of simplicity but with character. The terrace looks simple but owns a special role as an extension of the living space.  It stands prominent with two columns accented by natural stones in brown color on the bottom height.

Picture of Simple Two Bedroom House Plan in a Garden Lawn

The front elevation looks modest with a wooden and glass door and French glass window panels in brown frames. As can be seen, the exterior façade looks pleasant and cool with mineral plaster finish in a cream shade.

Picture of Simple Two Bedroom House Plan in a Garden Lawn

Meanwhile, one of the highlights of this design is the well-defined two assemblies of gable roofs in grey metal sheets. In fact, the workmanship bursts with an extra character.

House Specifications and Floor Plan of Simple Two Bedroom House Plan

The house in feature stands out with finesse and style that includes the following elements – porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, storage room, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and open parking space.

A beautiful house with a smart layout, it features the living spaces on the right and the private zone on the left section of the plan. The living spaces are in a free-flowing concept that offers better mobility and accessibility. Similarly, the spaces have a better connection with each other which makes them more functional.

This residence is built in a cozy environment that makes living very comfortable.

Credit to: ThaiDrawing



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