Simple Bungalow House Design with Terrace

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Bungalow houses become popular because they offer open floor plans in various designs. In fact, these types leave remarkable trademarks in housing technology due to their features. Wherever you go, you will observe bungalow houses from street to street which make their styles timeless. Take a look at our featured home today – a simple bungalow house design with a terrace.

In building your own house, the layout is perhaps the most substantial factor to consider. This is applicable with all types of shelter, an apartment, a condominium, or a house. Undoubtedly, the size of the space is a secondary factor as the layout depends on the size. Additionally, the layout will be the basis for introducing your lifestyle and character.

Picture of Simple Bungalow House Design with Terrace

Description of Simple Bungalow House Design

This one storey house plan in feature is a popular two bedroom house design which is good for a family of four. This graceful house stands in a lot that measures 11.20 x 12.0 meters with a usable building space of 110 sq. meters. The exterior shines with cream concrete walls and glass from doors to windows in white aluminum casements. As can be seen, the house sits comfortably in a green surrounding outside, while the big-sized doors and windows make the interior pleasant as well.

The elevated terrace with steel railings makes way as a great entrance to the living room through glass doors. The terrace gleams with grey marble tiles, pillars with accents of brown bricks, and an extended hip roof. Offering a cool atmosphere, the exterior walls are treated with a mineral plaster finish in the cream shade in all elevations.

Meanwhile, the other elevations have glass window panels as well sufficient to ventilate the interior of the building. One of the noticeable features of this design is the concept of using pillars with brown bricks on every corner of the house. They offer an additional character to the building. Moreover, the house looks very prominent with the cross hip roof assembly in maroon-colored tiles.

Picture of Simple Bungalow House Design with Terrace

House Specifications and Floor Plan of Simple Bungalow House Design

A simple but graceful house, the design has the following components – terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and car park.

The inviting terrace serves as a perfect entrance to the interior where the living spaces occupying the right side, while the private zone on the left side of the design. The dining room and kitchen sit in front of the living room on the right corner at the back. By the way, the two bedrooms occupy the opposite corners on the left section. Meanwhile, the lone bathroom has its place between the bedroom and kitchen. Elsewhere, the open driveway with grey tiles serves as the parking space.

Indeed, real comfort can be enjoyed in this simple bungalow house with an inviting landscape.

Credit to: HomePlan2u


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